[April Fools' 2024] Important Changes Coming to LifeTO in 2024

Now that it’s finally April 2nd in Thailand, I wish everybody a happy April Fools’ Day!

To be clear:

  1. The galder to MS point conversion rate is still 1,000. The 10k is merely visual and will last until the end of the day :slight_smile:
  2. Yes, the Bals Shop will eventually exist as according to our original plans (which are very off track at this time). See this Discord message for more details, if you so desire.
  3. In other words, no wings or compound stones from other servers (obviously!) and items from boxes are staying as-is.
  4. The only true part about the :thailand: plan is that US living costs are spiraling out of control. We’re definitely not moving to Thailand, especially not on the server’s dime :thinking:
  5. We’re probably not going to be “further adjusting skills”. Yes, Siren Song breaking the game is a real bug, but I’m hoping to fix that rather than introducing a nerf.

Special thanks to ChatGPT for the help in writing this announcement. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed that some people didn’t catch on from the mere absurdity of these changes.

Original post:


We have some important updates to share with you regarding the future of LifeTO. As the server evolves, the staff team has decided that some changes are vital for the long-term health of the server.

Galder to MyShop Point Rate Increase

The amount of galders required to convert MyShop points will be increased to 10,000 galders to 1 MyShop point, effective immediately.

This is a measure we must take to address the inflationary pressures within the economy, which has been causing difficulties for newer players joining the game. In the coming days, we will adjust the rate as necessary with compensation, though the original rate will never return as it is unsustainable considering the ease of farming galders.

Introducing the Bals Shop

In our ongoing efforts to secure the financial future of the server, we will be introducing a new feature: the Bals Shop. This shop will offer various items for purchase using Bals, our cash currency.

Among these items will be in-game wings, providing substantial increases to WT and DP stats. These equipment items will also be compoundable, with 5 compound slots guaranteed. In addition, we expect to offer compound stones from other servers (Japanese, Korean, and Thai Trickster) to upgrade the wings and other equipment. At this time, the expected price per piece of equipment is around 10,000 Bals, and a price scaling from 2,000 to 10,000 Bals per compound stone.

In addition, any items opened from boxes will soon be timed and require a recharge after 30 days.

While we understand that this may raise concerns among some players, we believe it is a necessary step to ensure the continued operation of the server, as well as help to provide a stat boost to newer players.

Relocation of Staff Team

In response to the escalating living costs in the United States, the staff team has made the decision to relocate to Thailand. Funded through generous donations to the server, the staff members will be immigrating to Thailand where the cost of living is comparatively lower.

By relocating, we can allocate more resources towards server maintenance, development, and community engagement, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience for our players. This move is aimed at mitigating operational expenses and ensuring the sustainability of the server in the long term.

Unfortunately, the result of this move is that the timezone of the staff will now be different from the server timezone. The staff will be operating according to Thailand time, while the server itself will continue to function according to US Eastern time. Consequently, players can expect responses to inquiries and support tickets during general waking hours based on Thailand time.

Plans to Rebalance Skills

In the near future, we will be further adjusting skills to promote fair gameplay in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Recently, we have been buffing and nerfing skills, leading to instability in the game client and significant shifts in character balance. For instance, Siren Song was recently buffed, resulting in an excessive number of flying music note objects on screen, leading to crashes. Additionally, it has become disproportionately stronger compared to other AoE skills in the game.

As we strive for a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience, we will carefully assess and fine-tune each skill to ensure they contribute positively to the overall gameplay dynamics. Your feedback and patience during this process are greatly appreciated as we work towards this goal.

This concludes our current plans for the server. We understand that these changes may be met with mixed feelings, but we remain committed to maintaining our original vision of a balanced, stable Trickster server that is accessible to everybody.

As stated above, we will be watching for feedback over the next few days. We invite you to share your thoughts and feedback in our Discord server.

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ok time to quitasdadsasdadsasdasdasdasdasd

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10m galders for 1K myshop ?

Yup, that might just be the end of Trickster …

10k galders to 1ms point , April Fool’s Day right? RIGHT?