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My Mission Statement: To complete the most comprehensive all-around user friendly guide for Divas, including my experiences playing as a Diva and my tips and advice for other avenues of the game such as Bossing and the ideal set of equipment for PvM.


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A - Basics

A1 - What is a diva?

B - Stats and the Build Graph

B1 - Build Graph
B2 - Stats
B3 - Builds

C - Skills

C1 - Skill Build
C2 - Skill Images and Descriptions
C3 - Skill Mastery Items

D - Training

D1 - Training Locations

E - Job Changing

E1 - Second Job
E2 - Third Job
E3 - The Third Job Trials

F - Equipment

F1 - Equipment Basics

G - Bossing

G1 - Tutankhamen
G2 - Tombeth
G3 - Captain Skull
G4 - Count Blood

H - Final Notes

H1 - Copyrights
H2 - Version History


Cats are one of my favorite classes in Trickster Online - not only because of their looks, but I love them as their hybrid class, the Diva. Cats are an excellent mix, in my opinion, of strength and endurance. Their naturally high HP and excellent hip mobility make them fun and easy to play - and they pack a punch too!

Being a hybrid, you are able to learn the skills of a second job raccoon after your 3rd job advancement. However, there is a +50 TM level skill requirement. Diva is an excellent choice for the PvM/Bosser, and they put up a great fight in PvP as well. You gain access to the raccoons strong card skills, notably One Pair. You also get an AoE skill - Impelling Rage. But enough about cats, let’s get on with the guide!

So why go diva? I’m going to be honest - and be warned, I’m biased towards anything more PvM oriented - but I cringe whenever I see a Primadonna. Why? Because they’re honestly not any fun. The only skill I’d ever be excited about is sharp scream - an AoE Evolution skill based on AP. But one AoE skill for a timed transformation state with a less-than-desireable cool-down time, making it barely even useful for PvM is a huge turn-off. Diva’s have incredible flexibility - Volley Kick and One Pair work devilishly well together. Impelling Rage is also another excellent display of a Diva’s range in skills. With only about 16k HP at the time, I was mass killing everything in Black Swamp and farming items like mad. The immense versatility of excelling in PvM, bossing, and their rising dominance over Primadonna in PvP and GvG are just a few reasons to consider Diva. Easy to work with and balance stats (Oh, how I’ve heard to horrors of getting 2-Step to do any sort of decent damage on both hits), the Diva is incredibly player friendly in all aspects of the game.


Above is the default build graph that you’re given when you create your new Diva. Before you pick a build, it’s imperative I go over a few builds, as there’s a lot, that are viable for a Diva.


  • Power - The power stats include AP, which increases your physical attack strength; AC, which boosts the chance of you landing a hit and also increases your critical attacks; and DX, which determines how fast you can melee based on how low it is.
  • Magic - Ignore these stats all together. The only important one is MD, which is your magical defense
  • Sense - Stats include WT, a very important stat as it determines how many potions you can carry and by extensive, how long you can survive; DA, which is a worthless stat to a Diva; and LK, which determines how often you are blocked, you block a monster, and how often magic attacks miss.
  • Charm - HP, your health. Obviously, the more the better; DP, your defense, which lowers physical attacks; and HV, one of your most important stats. HV effects the efficiency of your Mana Reflector, Sumo Suit, and more. It is also a damaging factor in your Volley Kick and your Card skills.


  • 4114 - A common build, with high base AP/AC/DX. This is a good build for a melee training cat because of the lower DX, but you miss out on a huge stat - weight. If you choose this build, the only stats I suggest you add are 3AP/1WT. 3HP/1WT and 3HV/1WT could also work, but seem less practical in my opinion.

  • 3124 - A very well-rounded build, in my opinion. You have decent AP/AC/DX, your DX approaching 0 in the 150s. You have good enough weight to train and survive, and your LK is so-so.

  • 2134 - This build is less orientated around Diva’s and more towards Pure Raccoons, as they need the LK for Full House, but is viable for a Diva as well. More weight to hold cards, this build is more oriented towards a pure HP or HV cat, as your base AP will be too low even as a pure stat.

  • Pure AP - The most basic stat allocation to choose for PvM, you’ll have a decently high base AP for evolution and other skills, including Volley Kick and One Pair. This is suggested for 4114 and 3124.

  • Pure HP - The tank build, you will have a high base HP, helpful later on for Impelling Rage. This build can be fun and fairly easy to use, especially with myshop - just grab some AP/DX equipment and whack away. Suggested for 3124 and 2134.

  • Pure HV - Another solid charm stat, this is about as common as pure AP. While you aren’t going to be utilizing evolution (which uses base AP, NOT equipment AP), you’ll have a naturally higher dodge rate and a stronger Volley Kick than your AP counterparts. I only suggest this with 3124, but 4114 is doable.

  • Hybrid AP/WT - Only to be done with 4114, this is for cats who want high base AC/DX but do not want to place a 2 in their sense stats. Putting 3 points in AP/level will give you the same base AP was a pure AP 3124 and putting 1 point in WT/level will give you the same WT as a cat with a 2 in sense.


This is a bare-bone skill build that my melee Diva is currently on. Remember, you don’t need to follow this build exactly, and I have my reasons for not mastering things right away until after 3rd job.


TM Level 0 - Warm Up
TM Level 10 - Dodge Master 1
TM Level 25 - Dodge Master 10
TM Level 50 - Physical Training M

Dodge Master M
Volley Kick 10

Save your points, these are all the skills you need for a while!

Sturdy Shield 10
Mana Reflector 10
Shield All 10

TM Level 120 - Volley Kick M

Card Strike 10
Super Hips Passive

The Lady Luck ASAP Build, or the Slow Grinder

TM Level 135 - Sumo Suit M
TM Level 150 - Impelling Rage M
TM Level 175 - One Pair M
Skunk Pouch M
Deadly Funk M
TM Level 210 - Lady Luck M
Siren Song M
Team Bolster
Master All Buffs

The I Fart While I Sing Build, or the Fast Grinder

TM Level 135 - Sumo Suit M
TM Level 135 - Siren Song M
TM Level 150 - Impelling Rage M
TM Level 175 - One Pair M
Skunk Pouch M
Deadly Funk M
TM Level 210 - Lady Luck M
Master All Buffs

Work from here on mastering your buffs or whatever


Dodge Master


Increases your HV. Your most useful buffing skill, it will increase both your Volley Kick and Card Skills, and coupled with Super Hips will null any criticals from a monster +/- 99 levels of you.

Volley Kick


The main skill of an entertainer. If you’re using elemental melee and you’re having trouble OHKO-ing or two-hitting, volley kick is immensely useful as a finishing blow. It is left at level 10 until 3rd job trials because it’s more helpful to keep it’s MP consumption under 100. It is mastered for 3rd job trials.

Sturdy Shield


Useless, in my opinion, until 3rd job change where you start bossing seriously. It’s learned for the 3rd job trials and mastered at a later time. Increases DP.

Mana Reflector


Reflects magic damage based on your HV, which is capped at 301 HV, with a maximum reflection of about 48%. Learned primarily for 3rd job change, bossing, and is a shield all prerequisite.

Shield All


Another DP buff, learned for 3rd job trials, bossing, and if you so wish, GvG purposes. Also buffs party members DP if they are within range.



A morphing skill. Only evolution skills can be used while in this form. Increases your base AP and DX and lowers your DP and HV. Useful for quick kills in 3rd job trials, some training situations, and bossing, particularly Captain Skull and Tombeth. Not a required skill to learn, but can be useful.

Card Strike


Only learned and leveled to 10, it’s a prerequisite to One Pair. If Evolution isn’t your style, can be comboed with Volley Kick in bossing situations.

One Pair

Probably the sexiest skill animation well, ever. It’s pretty powerful as well.

Sumo Suit


Lowers damage taken by 48% at the capped HV of about 301. Can be stacked with Mana Reflector (cast MR first!) and [Sturdy Shield and Shield All - Need Verification].

Impelling Rage

Based on maximum health, how full your health bar is, and distance from monsters. The damage can be very sporadic - I’ve dealt between 8k-31k regular damage on torrobies. Most useful at about 18k HP and up. One of my favorite skills so far.

One Pair + Lady Luck [Six Card Toss]


Adds a LOT of damage to OP, DEFINITELY necessary for bossing and Chaos Tower


Dodge Master 2x Hula Octopus Cards
Physical Training 2x Mimic Cards
Volley Kick 2x Ironclad Turtle Cards
Evolution 3x Officer Surapat Card
Sturdy Shield 2x Turvy Cards
Mana Reflector 2x Nephthys Cards
Shield All 2x Mummy Cards
Sumo Suit 3x Captain Charman Cards
Impelling Rage 8x Air Injectors
One Pair 10x Trump
Siren Song 40x Nephthys’ Song
Lady Luck 3x Maid Lydia Cards


As my training guide is semi-incomplete due to the Revolution patch, please refer to [badna0’s Training Spot Guide]

  • 1-15. Coral Beach Quests/Episode 0
  • 15-31. Follow the quest chain and complete the Desert Beach Quests
  • 31-40ish. Complete the Poppuri Dungeon quests
  • 40ish-50. Episode 1 Quests, begin Caballa Relics quests (some) at 45. Level 40 Gift Boxes are worth roughly 8-12mil.
  • 50-60. Complete the Caballa Relics quests
  • 60-70. Complete the Oops Wharf quests
  • 70-80. Crow PQ at Oops Wharf and Mermaid quests
  • 80-90. Episode 2 Quests
  • 90-100. Ghost Blue quests Note: Quests begin to taper off here, you will begin to find it harder to level
  • 100-110. Keep doing Ghost Blue quests, Ghost Blue PQ. You can also grind at Bugbears
  • 110-120. Begin some of Rose Garden at level 115
  • 120-130. Continue Rose Garden Quests
  • 130-140. Vampire Castle Quests and Episode 3
  • 140-160. Black Swamp Quests. Episode 4 is available at level 150
  • 160-170. Snow Hill quests and Episode 5, from here on out you can grind at bats when you run out of quests or PQ whenever you want.
  • 170-180. Snow Hill quests, Phantom Dungeon MQs
  • 180-190. Swamp Mine PQ, Snow Hill Dungeon PQ, Phantom Dungeon MQs
  • 190-200. Phantom Dungeon MQs
  • 200-210. Techichi Volcano quests
  • 210-220. Techichi Volcano quests
  • 220-230. Grind wherever your gear lets you
  • 230-250. Tapasco quests
  • 250-400. Basically wherever and whatever you need to do to level.

For more info on what quests you get when, I find [Category:Quests by Level - /gg FTW! Trickster Wiki] to be very helpful.


The requirement for second job is base level 50 and TM level 40. If you just level normally you can easily achieve this. Once you’ve met the requirements, you need a 100k galder check, which can be bought from Andrew in Mega Bank or Caballa Relics. You also need a Growth Badge, obtainable from the monster Kaboom is Relics Dungeon 4. If you need help with Kaboom, feel free to PM me.


The requirements for 3rd job is base level 130/TM level 120. The wiki entry for Diva job advancement is here.

You need 1x Ticket of the Valiant, dropped by Cluricans in Caballa Relics Mine, also dropped by Tenter Lion
You need 3x 1 million galder checks from Andrew in Megalopolis bank
You need 1x Dusk Amethyst, dropped by Arachne in Black Swamp, also drill 1x Sacred Water while you’re here
You need 3x brass, 3x magnetite, 3x magic powder, and 3x glass piece dropped by Brass Knight, Iron Knight, Bone Magician, and Bone Warrior, respectively

Note Brass, magnetite, magic powder, and glass piece have an especially low drop rate. Either get a friend to help, or hope you get lucky. It can take up to 3 hours to collect everything. They’re vended for between 500k-1m per item.
You need 1x Harkon. These sell for around 3-5 million, or can be obtained by - Blacksmith Marx, Precious Jewel (Snow Mine Quest), or obtained from drilling the following fields (according to the MOG Wiki): Tapasco Field 1 - Net of Lava, Tapasco Field 2 - Rhythm of Hammer, Tapasco Field 3 - Valley of Flame, Tapasco Field 4 - Stairway to Fire, Tapasco Field 5 - Spicy Dragon Lair, Snow Field 3 - Stairway of Snowflake, Snow Field 4 - Happy New Year, Ice Dungeon 3 - Heart of Crystal, Vamp Dungeon 4 - Center of the Dark. Vamp Dungeon 5 - Resurrection of the Dark


Alright, the trials. Being a charm type, this should be easy. It may be tedious, but easy. Make sure you load up all your buffs and if you have evolution, save it for when necessary, because the cool down can be annoying. I used an elemental weapon, an HP shield, AP helmet, AP accessories, HP vest, Venus pet, and had the rest of the Venus set on hold just in case. With mostly in-game equipment, the trials turned out to be easier than expected. Just volley kick and be careful about how you go about the trials. As long as you don’t run into all three tribunals at the same time, you should be alright. Evolution is helpful to destroy everything very fast, but I suggest you save that until you hit a room that is really posing a difficulty.
Good luck!


Training in TO has changed a lot. To train very well as a Diva, you must be able to get high HP values along with high DP values. Just buffing your DP with Shield All/Sturdy Shield won’t always be enough to ohko with one of our most deadly and useful grinding AoEs… Siren Song. This is absolutely vital to fast grinding for a Diva in Fiesta. The ideal equipment build for a Diva is full-on HP compounding with HV where HP isn’t applicable (helmets, some weapons, etc). You are not a champion or a Prima, stop acting like one. You will not get the full grinding potential out of your Diva without compounding for HP. Without further ado, I bring you your equipment and how to compound.

  • Hat Either try and get your hands on a good HV helmet or an in-game AP helmet will suffice if need be. You will be grinding using Volley Kick (VK), One Pair (OP), Impelling Rage (IR), and Siren Song (SS). You need the AP/HV to ohko with VK and OP. No, you don’t have to be pure AP to make OP strong. I can deal easily over 100k damage to torrobies buffed. Once my guardian gets their hands on bosses, it’s an easy 2-ko with OP and SS. Go for the HV, you get 50% more than the equipment due to Dodge Master.
  • Weapon Get something you can put either HP or HV on (HP preferred) and refine for as high as you can. I usually try to aim for at least 1k on a weapon if it’s myshop, if you’re using an altiverse or boss equip ALWAYS refine as high as possible to get the most out of that 5-star bonus, otherwise don’t put too much effort into it (eg, my Card Master 240 Cane has 5xx base AP, I refined it to 9xx total AP and stopped, not worth wasting the repairs on a 3-star). An altiverse weapon with good AP base and HV will almost almost trump the utility of an HP weapon (to an extent)
  • Shield Refine refine refine! Aim for 1k+ DP on your shield at least. You have no idea the difference it will make in your DP until you refine your shield. I gained about 2k-3k DP buffed just by refining my shield to 6xx more DP. While HP affects the damage of SS, DP affects much, much more. Never neglect your DP. Again, always compound HP onto your shield. It’s wise to have an HV shield for when you need the HV, but always prioritize HP.
  • Accessories I tend to get an HP and an HV one for the balance, but at higher levels (especially if you’re pure HV) you’ll want them both to be compounded for HP.
  • Innerwear This is where things get redundant, because you always want an HP/HV option for innerwear as well, but prioritize HP as grinding faster > extra few thousand damage on a boss. With guardians with Shield Breaks, bossing is no longer a concern for the charm type.
  • So… everything else Prioritize HP. Simple as that. IR will never ohko 100% of the time, but we can help decrease the chance that a mob will get off scotch free due to the awkward IR damage formula (Total HP, how full the HP is, how close the mob is, how far the mob was pushed). There’s a lot of things that can allow a mob to survive, one mob hit a tree and didn’t get pushed far enough, etc. The one thing you CAN guarantee though, is that you have HP. And a lot of it. So compound for that HP!

But… how do I boss now? I have almost 800 HV buffed from compounding HP to everything. I can two-shot Shield-Breaked Count with OP and SS in HP gear. Trust me, you’d rather have the grinding speed.



You should be able to take on Tut at level 60. All you need to do is slap on dodge master and volley kick him to death. Even if you used all in-game equipment, you should be good. Any elemental/HV compounded sword will do, and a GLS or HP compounded shield will suffice. Be aware Tut can spawn a teleport basically whenever he wants.


Tombeth can be challenged at level 90 if you so wish. You might want some okay myshop, though. He’s basically a push-over, but can hit kind of hard if you don’t watch out. About 8k-10k HP is in my opinion, the suggested minimum. A combination of melee attacks and volley kick should do, you may be focusing more on melee if you’ve been able to really hax-out your AP. Tombeth should be a piece of cake, it’ll be the trials that will hamper your Entertainer/Diva the most.


Captain Skull is a joke, seriously. I had myself wait until I was over level 140 for my cat paw, and I felt like an idiot for doing so because he is a complete and total pushover. If you have evolution, Skull will be down in seconds. I don’t even bother with a GLS or even attempting to stack any AP. Even with the HV reduction of Evolution, Skull has never hit me. Once. I could stand in there for as long as I wanted and it’d probably take him a while a kill me off. In short, go for Skull. Anytime. Well, anytime after like level 120. You should still be able to have about 10k HP and 150ish HV (buffed).


Buff up and get ready to skunk this butt. I suggest Deadly Funk because I’m weird but either will work (I like having a use for Funk ha) and just swap VK and OP off, IR can work REALLY well too, I find it crits often and Blood shouldn’t hit you too much, so keeping your health up is easy. The hardest part for a Diva is the spawned adds. They’re physical resist and it makes using IR impossible, you just make all of the monsters really angry and start hitting you hard. But you CAN kill count without a guardian as a Diva so long as you use Skunk - which is mostly what you use a guardian for, anyway.


This guide is Copyright to Kyzuumi at ggftw.com, and may not be redistributed anywhere without her explicit permission.

Information on skills and TM requirements are from the ggFTW Wiki.

Remember to +Rep if this guide helped out, time and effort is going into training my Diva for the purpose of improving this guide and the time and effort is used to write and take down information and construct the visuals.

Trickster Online is owned by SGI, Jitara/Kyzuumi in no way has any affiliation with SGI and owns in no way Trickster Online; this is just a player’s guide for the players.

Big thanks to all the lovely comments I receive in-game :3

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