August 8, 2020 Changelog

Happy anniversary! Here’s the changelog for today’s update.

Path to Caballa Relics

The spawn rates of Shadow Leaf Bird and Shadow Mandragora have been increased.

Cora Field 1

Gloom Hand Cannon, Gloom Pugio, and Gloom Sten Gun have been removed from Shadow Torobbie/Tottochi to reduce the chances of a bad drop.

Path to Desert Beach

  1. Shadow Yamu and Shadow Pochi now drop the same items as Shadow Mandragora/Shadow Leaf Bird.
  2. The spawn rates of Shadow Yamu and Shadow Pochi have been increased.

Path to Oops Wharf

  1. The spawn rates of Shadow Ironclad Turtle and Shadow Sea Tiger have been increased.
  2. Gloom Sten Gun has been removed to reduce the chances of a bad drop.

Cherry Blossom

You can now drill up Pink Petals, Pink Crystals, Love Candy, and Cotton Candy. These items will be used for a future event.


  1. Ice Cream, Blue Penguin, Chimu, and Little Cora now have a small chance of dropping disguise kits.
  2. Hyperium Potions are now available in Megalopolis Shop for 2,000 Galders each.
  3. Hyperium Potions are now tradeable and droppable.
  4. Bonus Eggs are now tradeable and droppable.
  5. The following announcements have been translated:
    • 3rd job advancement
    • Marriage
    • Enlightenment
  6. Friend Finders are now droppable/tradeable.
  7. Scroll of Rejuvenation/the Resolute are now available in Megalopolis Shop for 5,000/10,000 Galders each, respectively. We hope these will be useful during Harkon Defense.
  8. Scroll of Rejuvenation/the Resolute are now tradeable but not droppable.
  9. The following equips have been re-added to the Snow Hill Gift Factory:
    • Teddy-Bear Shield
    • Cutesy Duck Cap
    • Safety Helmet
    • Signpost Shield
    • Pretty Hammer
    • Safety Baton
    • Balloon
  10. The Chaos’s Feather party monster quests now guarantee 3x Chaos’s Token for the specific mine. You can exchange Chaos’s Tokens by talking to Miranda Watty in Megalopolis Square. The fee for the exchange is 500 Galders.
  11. The palette files for the Green Ribbon Fashion have been updated.
  12. Every player who has been online in the last month has gotten one 4th Anniversary Skill Card. Check MyShop to claim yours.


Disclaimer: This is a large update due to our low number of updates. All of the boxes from the previous updates have been removed.

The following items have replaced the previous update’s items:

  • Entertainer Cat Box 70/150/220
  • Inventor Lion Box 60/180/240
  • Karan’s Box
  • Pirate King’s Box
  • Captain Skull Box
  • Admiral Skulley Box
  • Buffalo Halo Box 70/150/220
  • Lion Halo Box 60/180/240
  • Warrior Buffalo Box 70/150/220
  • Fox Spirit’s Box 90/190
  • Cat Halo Box 70/150/220
  • Fox Halo Box 70/150/220
  • Bunny Halo Box 60/180
  • Boxer Bunny Box 60/180
  • Explorer Fox Box 70/150/220
  • Love Demon Box 60/110/230
  • Flashire Box 130/260
  • Guardian Robin Box 130/260
  • Celebration Cone
  • Congrachuu 80/140
  • Opal Headdress 130/260
  • Aquamarine Headdress 130/260
  • Olympic Flag/Mask/Cape Box