Buggy tip of guardian skill

Guard break and another 2nd skill are co-existable.
Only guard break can be co-existable on your guardian.

Hello, Im Buffybuffa/PureAC.
I want to tell about a bug and i think it will be useful for melee attackers.

Everyone should know that bug about guardian skill.
This bug is traditional because Korea official server can’t fix it until they closed their official server…

It’s simple.

When your equip louise’s rune into your guardian, you can equip shockwave(lv10), faint and GUARD BREAK.

Then, you can equip another rune(maybe Sephira or kochma rune) and the louise’s rune will be destroyed.

But, your guardian still can use guard break even if your louise’s rune was destroyed.

So, your guardian can use guard break and shield break(or glacial shard) at same time.

That’s why I always insist every guardians get A3 or A4 graph.

Of course, every bosses have resistance of guard break so you can see lots of block even the boss get guard break, but the block chance obviously gets lower than normal.

Ps) if you don’t know how to make your guardian’s graph, this instruction may help you.

I recommend You should get at least A3 and S4.
Because, A3 allows your guardian to get 3 skills(shockwave, faint and guard break),
S4 allows you shield breaker(stone strike→armor destruction→lucky seven→shield breaker).

And C1 is enough for every character, and C2 is my recommendation for magic type.
(C1: skunk pouch /C2: magic dfence break+skunk.)