Elkisog’s Buffalo Guide

THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I AM BUSY WITH OTHER THINGS AND FRANKLY LACK THE MOTIVATION TO COMPLETE THIS GUIDE. I would like to format it better and add flair like images and graphics. Reasearch into some stats is also incomplete but yea… Even in its current state it should be a sufficient enough guide :expressionless:

So you decided to play a Buffalo and feel the need for some guidance. You’re in the right place. Let’s get a brief overview of how he plays

Buffalo is a elemental focused PvE oriented character with a multitude of AoE skills. Wind is his most common attribute of choice but he has other viable build options depending on how you want to play and content you want to do. 3rd job branches off into the more elemental AoE and auto attack enhancements or single target offensive and defensive utility

Gladiator Gains access to additional wind and water skills that compliments his PvE rotation. Chi sword allows you to auto attack from a fair distance changing the way he can play very drastically. Berserker is generally a bossing only skill but with chi sword it has very powerful, but still niche PvE mobbing applications

Mercenary has better tools for bossing and PvP. Block skill is a broken defensive buffer. Guard break is even more broken as it invalidates your opponents evasion, block chance and your lack of accuracy. And your guard break doubles dips in the unfairness with a 60% for a stun with Buffalo’s Faint passive

DISCLAIMER: A few things to keep in mind is that this server does not have chaos tower and chaos tower skills. A popular build such as the elec mercenary will not be mentioned. I also do not pvp in trickster but have pvped in “better” pvp games. I will be covering basic pvp principles, as they are obvious :yawning_face:

Wind Buffalo (Gladiator): Gale strike and Tempest strike are Wind AoE skills with high but rng dmg rolls. This build is suitable for both mobbing and bossing alike and you will do everything cycling between these 2 short cooldown skills, along with Quakeblade for larger AoE and ranged auto attacks. The definitive Gladiator build

Berserker/Auto Attack (Glad/Merc): You can stack any attribute you want, even mixing between. The goal is to make your auto attacks hit as hard as skills. And with berserker you double your AP and “uncap” your auto attack delay. The resulting dps is unmatched by any other class. The weakness of this build is the high block rate of bosses and even trash mobs making you have to sometimes swing multiple times to even deal dmg. Your low attack delay and the fluidity of movement/auto attacking with chi sword offsets this disadvantage to a tolerable level. Bossing is insanely strong when supported by guardian’s guard break or your own guard break as mercenary

Water Buffalo (Gladiator): Tidal slash and Sonic slash are AoE water skills with high dmg scaling. However the hitbox on these are weirdly cone shaped to hit mobs behind your first target and completely unreliable. Just consider them high dmg single target skills.

Pure AP/no attribute stacking (Merc): Mostly a PvP build but the content of the game is not difficult enough to stop you from being successful in PvE regardless. The point is to just keep all your offensive options equally viable/appealing and using the appropriate elemental advantage per target. Or just not care because most things will be one shot anyways. Non-attribute active skills like Blazing strike and all mercenary skills are much more powerful when geared this way

Build Graph/Stats

Before talking about builds I think it is important to have an understanding of every stat so that players can make an informed decision on what they want

AP Attack Power formula (Lv. * 4 + 14) Increases auto attack damage, used in skill dmg calculation. Your main stat

AC Accuracy formula [(Lv. - 1) / 4] + 50 Increases hit rate. Outdated game comes with outdated game mechanics. Most gears you want to use will naturally come with accuracy stat tacked on. Along with Bullseyes/eagle eye buffs you will have more then enough accuracy for reliable auto attacking. Physical skills have an accuracy bonus and will generally never miss. Increases crit rate for magic-type skills, not important for us.

DX Dexterity formula 10 - [(Lv. - 1) / 12] Decreases the delay between auto attacks. There is a hard cap to this and you will long pass the threshold at max level with no investment here

MP Mana formula (Lv. * 30 + 50) Increases your mana pool. You could call this a QoL stat if you do enough mental gymnastics

MA Magic Attack formula (Lv. - 1) / 4 + 50 Used for magic type skill calculations, useless for buffalo

MD Magic defense formula Lv. * 4 - 14 Decreases magic dmg taken by face value. It’s not a good stat

WT Weight formula (Lv. * 80 + 620) Increases the amount of items you can carry. Simultaneously the worst and best stat in the game. It does not help in combat, but increases the efficiency of farming via drill and shadow/phantom equipment. You want as much of this as possible when farming. The stat is apparently so good the original game developers decided it needs a nerfed stat gain at higher stat level. After stat level 400 you only get +40 weight. After 500, +30. After 600, +20. 700, +10. Yikes. Your build graph will almost entirely be dependent on how much weight you want or are willing to give up

DA Detect Ability formula [(Lv. - 1) / 4] Increases critical damage, compound success rate, and chance to sense an item while drilling. This stat is overrated. The crit dmg increase is not worth per point. Successful Compounding and Drilling while nice, is completely remedied by having a separate set of gear compounded with DA to swap into as needed. DA comes tacked on many things and you eventually won’t even need DA gear

LK Luck formula [(Lv. - 1) / 4] Luck is an over-tuned stat increasing your chance to crit, decreasing your enemies chance to crit you, and blocking auto attacks. This stat has offensive and defensive importance and you should get as much as you can, it is not a priority however. It also affect accuracy for magic and gunners but that is not important for us.

HP Health points formula (Lv. * 30 + 90) Ya’ll know what this. No hidden or complicated mechanic here. You want a comfortable amount for PvE. You want as much as possible for PvP

DP Defense points formula (Lv. * 4 – 8) Decreases physical dmg taken by the face value. It sucks like MD, but to its credit you can have a decent value because of gear refining. DP is generally the stat that you get for refining armor pieces

HV Hit Evasion formula [(Lv. - 1) / 4] Increases the chance to dodge physical attacks. Also decreases gun dmg taken. Evasion is the strongest defense stat in the game for PvE. Absolute L game design

Other important non-character stats
Elemental Attribute: These stats ONLY directly increase your auto-attack dmg by creating a secondary dmg source that scale off AP and is affected by the targets attribute resistances instead of physical resistance. Attribute only affect skills that use the attribute in their dmg formula. Fortunately almost all buffalo skills do
Resistances: Coming soon :pensive:

You should choose whatever build that fits your goals for this character. A “free” graph reset is given when you reach lvl400 so you can choose a build for a playthrough first and finalize your build later. Also it should be noted that the graph build is almost completely inconsequential for gameplay. Assuming max level and fully geared your equipment makes up like >90% of your stats anyway

4123: Whether this is your first character or specialized for specific content, you cannot go wrong with this build. It is balanced in a way that leaves you with no glaring disadvantage from leveling from start to finish, farming adequately, and even hardcore pvp. Bonus points can be spent on AP for general content. WT for farming. HP for PvP

4114: A sweaty build that maximizes as many useful stats as possible. The only problem is WT is absolute ass and you will almost need to wear a pouch to do casual things. The optimal PvP build with bonus points in HP. You can also use this as a pseudo “perfect” balanced build, via investing 100-300 bonus points into WT. You will get the maximum WT possible with the least investment and have the highest defensive stats with least investment

4141: The farming build that gives you the maximum WT possible including bonus point investment. Survivability is compensated through refined and compounded gear. This is the optimal galder farming build for afk drill mining and shadow gear farming. There are better characters to farm with, but if you want to use the 3rd best option/your favorite, this is it

Level Progression guide

This guide assumes you are playing for the first time with no previous character for funding. The goal is get you to lvl120 asap and level your way to 250+ via afk drilling in a LAZY, straight forward manner. If you are looking for a Vanilla gameplay experience just follow the main key quest line and episode quest line. Aside from needing to complete up to Episode quest 3 to unlock Enlightment/Guardians you do not need to do quests, at least not follow the quest line in a conventional way. Quest rewards are garbage aside from the exp that they give, and many are not worth the trouble

IMPORTANT: Complete all daily coupon quests that you are willing to do up to your level everyday. You want to start this early and not regret it later. Credit to Serushi for Quest item list Quest Item Guide

Daily Quests

Daily quests reset 1AM (server time 17) every day.

Indiana John (Blooming Cora) (Level 5+):
×2 Crystal

Monkey T (Paradise) (Level 20+):
×1 Sleeping Socks (Punisher Cannon Shell)

Star Gazer Stella (Megalopolis) (Level 35+):
×1 Shtella’s Profile (Desert, Caballa and Oops Wharf Mobs)

Pharaoh Boy (Azteca) (Level 50+):
×1 Staff of Purification (Punisher Aposis)

Marinel (Oops Wharf) (Level 65+):
×2 Thick Rope (Excavated in Oops Wharf Fields)

Pop Idol (Mermaid Palace field4) (Level 80+):
x2 Executioner Gill (Punisher Aku)

Star Gazer Stella (Aquarius) (Level 100+):
×2 Stela’s Profile (Mermaid, Rose and Black Swamp Mobs)

Homeless Ian (Rose Field 1) (Level 120+):
×2 Punisher B.V. Claws (Punisher Beast Vincento)

Hair of Rosetta (Carbigal) (Level 140+):
×2 Swamp Leaf (Excavated in Swamp Fields)

Winnie (Laplanoel) (Level 170+):
×2 Icicler’s Crystal (Punisher Icicler)

Star Gazer Stella (Neil’s Camp) (Level 220+):
×2 Stellar’s Profile (Techichi and Tapasco Mobs)

Guardian Kerberos (Gate of Tapasco Volcano) (Level 270+):
×2 HP Recovery Potion (Punisher Fire Golem)

Madam Sarah (Platonia) (Level 290+):
×5 Random Part and Random Bearing (Excavated in Abyss Fields)

Leveling route
Lvl1~45 Follow the main quest line up-to Desert beach and complete all quests in the area. Even the drill ones. This is the only point in the game where I would do drilling as the low depth and high item density makes them fast and painless, even with 0 DA. Watch out for the notorious farewell letter quest, abandon the quest to normalize droprate and finish it after drilling it all up

Kill every Punisher cannonshell you meet while here and pick up the socks. Grab all the skill cards you need in paradise: Bullseye, pumping heart, and your choice between shockwave or burning rave. You can get to lvl120 using only pumping and bullseye the whole way

Lvl 45~ 70 Skip poppuri dungeon and head straight to Path to Caballa Relics. Do all the quests here, they are all hunting (for monster drops). The coin quests are easy enough. Eloy coffee bean quest in Azteca town optional, it’s a fast easy hunt and compound quest. Exchange caballa slates for a weapon at Mint in Azteca. You can skip your 2nd job advancement quest for a while. You do not have enough TM levels and even when you do advance there is nothing useful for you to use yet. Also Kaboom is a real pain to be fighting right now. Come back for it later, trust me it’s not important

Take some time to farm mimics and punisher aposis you find before you leave this place. You want 9 or 18 Silver bracelet, 18~27 golden bracelet, any mimic cards/staff of purification are a bonus. Put em in your safe

Silver chain is used to compound water attribute for the weapon you exchange for in Oops wharf and mermaid palace. You have low TM level and these weapons allow you to auto attack for decent dmg

Golden bracelet is used to compound DA on what you can when you reach lvl120+ to hit 90+ DA to start afk drilling in tap mines.

Mimic cards can be exchanged for arcana card at card girl and is needed to master some skills. Purification staffs are daily coupons

Lvl 65~85 Head to path to Oops Wharf and do all the quests you can there. Frog shaman in Area 2 has hunt quests. Officer tera in Oops wharf town has hunt quest. Exchange oops shell from quests for a weapon at Mint in town and compound the weapon with silver chain if you farmed for it. Buy scuba gear from the item girl and talk to meiral to head to mermaid palace

Lvl 80~105 You know the drill. And that is to skip the drill. Quest in Path to mermaid palace until they ask for the dirt covered items and then move on. Mermaid palace and dungeon is probably the first time you will face threatening enemies in Tink’s and Chele’s. Take them on carefully and power through the hunt quests. Exchange for weapon at Mint and compound silver chain for water attribute

Lvl 100~120+ Head to Path to ghost blue and complete the hunt quests on the way to and from. I hope you’ve been completing daily quests frequently because after you’re done here it’s time to start afk drilling

Lvl 120+ Exchange the cards you got from hunting at the appropriate card girl and get hunter crest from Card Hunter Eugene at Southwest forest in the daytime and northwest forest at nighttime (in-game cycle). Exchange the crests and appropriate material for a driller boy at Miranda watty in Megalopolis.

Sell elixirs/gm certificates you got from leveling via discord/website link to jump start your drilling fund. Use that money to purchase lvl 90~130 pouchs from my shop, preferably the ones with DA on them so you can reach 90+ DA. Purchase flicker drill for $ efficiency or ice cream for faster lvling. You will still make all your money back many times over via drilling regardless of which. When drilling check back every so often to sell, unstuck, restock. You should buy portable ports at Megalopolis shop and set-up quick teleports to a shop/bank and tap mines

While afk drilling you can take it easy or start up more characters through multiboxing, level to 120, and set-up as many afk drillers as you are willing to maintain. You will have an infinite source of income with minimal management

Ways to make money

I do not know all of the methods, and am too uninterested to find out the finely honed (and guarded?) secret strategies of long time players.

However I can say with confidence that the one you will be most reliant on will be:

  • AFK Drilling: You can maintain this via doing a minimal of 3-4 daily quests per character after your first drill pet and investing a relatively small 5-15m in stardust packs to acquire 3 hunter crests purely through galder. A half baked afk driller can make 90m+ within 15days after expenses like drills and ports with very casual effort. Easily 200-250m with greater optimization and constant supervision. This is the slowest money making method but the catch is that this server allows multiboxing so you can have 3, 5, or some non-sense like 10+ drilling at once. And you are able to phantom/shadow gear farm on another character while that’s going on. Are you able and willing to set that up and maintain it throughout the week though? Unlikely.

  • Phantom gear farming at phantom school. Despite what most people say, it is actually quite difficult to acquire the basic gear need to farm this place comfortably as a new player. You want an average of 50+ HV along with ~8k HP to reliably stay alive. The mobs are high level and you will want myshop/gacha gear to be killing at a decent pace. Once you do get started you can make 2~6m galder per session depending on your WT limit. After the initial hurdle this is a great place to farm and pvp

  • Gloom farming at Path to caballa relics. You need to have completed Episode3 (or cheat with a previous character that did), hatch a Guardian, and acquire minds eye enlightenment skill to interact with Shadow world. Once you do, this is like phantom gear farming but we are talking 8~13m galder per 10~15 minute sessions. 10~15 minutes assuming you are lion or wind sheep. Buffalo could maybe just barely keep up.

Gear Options

Clearly we want best in slots, but most are unrealistically out of reach for the average player. Each slot will be listed with their bis, alternatives, budgets, and placeholder options. Items will be listed with their # of slots, and for the most part items with potential 4 slots should be considered 3 slots. They require immense dedication and luck to obtain. And will generally not be sold by anyone because they are so rare and was farmed for explicitly for themselves. Use the best items you can get/afford

Weapon: Catty paw 190 (3-4slots) Budget wind attribute wep. Good defensive stats, poor AP value. Obtained from myshop cat box gacha

Rook Hammer 240 (2-4) High AP wind attribute from Megalopolis Eclipse gacha shop. Too rng and expensive to try for 3-4 slots

Draconic Sword (4) A perfect weapon for general use and bis for auto attack builds. Relatively cheap for how powerful it is. Dropped by spicy Dragon boss

Draconic Dagger (4) This is a budget Draconic sword that has pretty much the same dmg output but lacks the QoL AC and HV. Dropped by Spicy Dragon Boss

Bika sword 220 (3-4) The bis Air attribute weapon. High AP, and comes with bonus AC and HP. A perfect weapon for Wind Gladiator. Warrior Bika box gacha

Odeina Axe (4) bis water attribute weapon for water gladiator. Dropped by Ice Queen Odiena boss

Soki staff (4) bis for soil attribute buffalo. This is not a real thing, but the weapon is strong af regardless. Dropped by Soki Boss

Powerful langswhert (1-4) highest AP weapon in the game for your pure AP needs. Functions perfectly well with a reasonable 2-3 slots. A good pvp weapon. Temper with gold gem to roll for the hax AP value. Obtained via exchanging 2x old langswhert and 1 Nikarium at abyss black market

Tempest rapier (1-4) The “true” bis air weapon. But it requires the full 4 slots. Too expensive to roll even once. Don’t even attempt it

Hat: Bika on top 220 (3-4) AC, LK, high defenses. The best you can hope for on a hat. Warrior Bika box gacha

Inferno helm (3) Compoundable for fire attribute, insane for auto attacking. Traded for at Megalopolis watty for 4G tickets. 4G coupon obtained via trading shards in megalo shop. Shards obtained from Harkon defense (lvl180+ Enlightened with Minds Eye)

Shield: Draconic shield (4) A perfect shield with high defenses and compoundable for any defensive stat you need. HP is the most reliable. Dropped from Spicy Dragon

Powerful regal shield (1-4) Another shield similar to draconic but with no MD and absurd DP. It has the same potential for compound with 4 slot but the astronomical DP with lvl13 refine is what makes it stand out even above Draconic. Exchange for at Abyss Black Market

Any Ultimate shield lvl140-275 (1-4) These drop from unique bosses and are basically budget draconic shields. Any high level 2-4slot are great placeholders until a better option. Dropped by Unique bosses

Most myshop/gacha shields (3-4) Anything close to your level and compoundable for HP is simply good

Accessory: Air attribute ring 110 (3) Bis wind attribute accessory. Item duration must be recharged. Not a big deal. Bought from Myshop

Great Trickster Ring (4) Insanely stated ring that gives everything but WT. It patches up all weaknesses and should be used for all content when not farming/drilling. Obtained from mail at lvl 400

Dragon ring 190/140 (3-4) Very strong dark attribute acc for auto attacks. Obtained from Dragon box gacha and dragon ring box gacha

Blazing boots 240 (3-4) Powerful power and charm stats, your bis for PvP along with trickster ring. Myshop blazing box gacha

Cape: Great Trickster Cape (4) Bis cape that gives everything you need, makes a set with the ring. It is simply too good. Mail for reaching lvl400

Inferno Cape (3) Compoundable for fire attribute. If you desire even higher auto attack dmg. Traded for at Megalopolis watty for 4G tickets. 4G coupon obtained via trading shards in megalo shop. Shards obtained from Harkon defense

Innerwear: Cyclone belt (3) Bis inner wear. There are other gacha innerwear that is as good or slighty better assuming 4 slotted. But cyclone belts higher item lvl allows it to stay competitive with better base stats and compound values. Obtained from egg shop in megalo shop

Pet: Lord Lycan/Rook 240 (1-3) BiS pets by far as they are the only ones that can have more then 1 compound slot. Rook is an incredibly rare pull from Megalopolis shop’s Eclipse gacha box SP3. Lord lycan is a rotating myshop pet with his own box so much easier and cheaper to get 2-3 slots

Yupika E4 (1) A strong physical pet bought with bonus eggs and upgraded with myshop materials. A strong and affordable endgame alternative

Most myshop gacha pets for your level are good

Sprint: Red shoestring (3) bis sprint, but is a timed item and needs to be recharged for continued use. Bought from myshop

Kitty sprint 190 (3-4) A permanent sprint, that can be competitive with shoestring if you can get the 4 slot. It not needing to be recharged is good enough reason to get. Myshop Cat box gacha

Head: Pavane 280 (3) Bis, high raw stats and compound lvl. Myshop Pavane box gacha

Any of the 250 myshop (3) These aren’t bad, if pavane is out of reach

Warrior bika Halo 220 (3-4) Another good alternative, competitive with pavane with the 4th slot

Face: Bubblegum 250 (3) bis, bought from myshop

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