February 14, 2024 Changelog

Happy Valentine’s Day! The update is a bit later than expected, but it’s still technically Valentine’s Day here :eyes:


Please note that the previous rotation (winter rotation) will stay for another 2 weeks, but will be removed after the maintenance on March 2nd or shortly after.

Added Items

[New Item]

  • Magician Girl Purple Wand Form, Magician Girl Purple Tiara Form, Magician Girl Purple Shield Form
  • Heart Hat Form, Heart Wand Form, Heart Shield Form
  • Rose Fairy Pet Form

[Special Box]

  • Cioccolato’s Desert Box 40/110/180/250
  • Gelatina’s Dessert Box 40/110/180/250
  • Choux’s Dessert Box 40/110/180/250
  • Parfait’s Dessert Box 40/110/180/250
  • Wee Cora Box 50/150
  • Valentine Box 40/160
  • Reception Box
  • Love Demon Box 60/110/230
  • Tin Tiger Bag Magic/Sense/Power/Charm
  • Love Box 40/100/170
  • Flower Girl Rin Box 60/190
  • Ring Bearer Ran Box 60/190