February 18, 2024 Changelog

Hello! It’s Saturday, which means another update (which are only on some Saturdays).


The February 2024 Poppuri Event is now live, and will take place from 2/18/2024 to 3/23/2024!

Drilling gives a 25% chance of dropping a 2024 Poppuri Drill Box, and PvE combat gives a 25% chance of dropping a 2024 Poppuri Hunt Box! For results to count, please don’t sell or drop your boxes - instead, bank them either in your online bank or in your various in-game banks.


  • The legacy cTO client is now deprecated, so it will not receive any more updates. The Poppuri event will not function on it, and will likely cause crashes.
  • Slightly reduced the (previously buffed) range of Fan of Knives at MASTER level only
  • Changed the system server (which handles party/friends/guild/etc.) to be proxied through the NYC proxy, if enabled
  • Fixed bulk exchanging
  • Added a progress indicator when bulk exchanging items


The Rose Fairy Pet Form was missing, so it has been added now.

Added Items


  • Rose Fairy Pet Form