January 8, 2023 Changelog + January 2023 Poppuri Event

Poppuri Event (1/8/2023~1/23/2023)

Drilling gives a 25% chance of dropping a 2023 Poppuri Drill Box, and PvE combat gives a 25% chance of dropping a 2023 Poppuri Hunt Box!

You can see the current status of dropped boxes at: https://beta.lifeto.co/event/2023-01-poppuri

Rewards will be distributed collectively, as long as you have a fair (500+) amount of each type of box. Please note that these rewards and tiers have NOT been finalized.

You can earn at most 1 top driller and hunter prize (2 prizes total) as an individual, but each collective reward item will be distributed per account.

Top 10 Drillers/Hunters:

  • 1 Driller Boy Box
  • 1 pet of your choice
  • 10 boss boxes of your choice (same type)
  • 20,000 MyShop Points




Desert Beach

  • Removing the quest to get Farewell Letter is now mentioned in quest dialogue

Caballa Relics

  • 2nd job character badges are now mentioned in quest dialogue
  • Added Clurican to 2nd Closed Lot of Jade Steel

Tapasco Theme Spa

  • Theme Spa Employee Breakroom has NPCs now
  • Translated Eliza Bath, Storage Bin, Employee Breakroom NPCs
  • General Manager Penguin teleports you to the Theme Spa Employee Breakroom after the quest now
  • Theme Spa Employee Breakroom teleport NPC works now
  • Nerfed the DX levels of the Tapasco Theme Spa monsters so they die properly now


  • Nerfed maximum DX levels of the Shadow/Requiem monsters so they die properly now


  • Slightly reduced the drop rate of Sharp Piece from monsters in higher-level areas
  • Added Don Cavalier Disguise Kit


  • Recently became 5% more useful since it can now figure out where monsters are and what items are dropped
  • Added a basic animation selector for characters (still a WIP)
  • Fixed boss detection algorithm in the map monster list



  • Stella’s Winter Box 60/150
  • Princess Odinea Box
  • Queen Odinea Box
  • Madame Snow Box
  • Primrose Box 160/230
  • Tacky Box 160/230
  • Goomi Ribbon Pet Box 120/250 (Yoba Set)
  • Bard Sheep Box 60/180/240 (Bard Amelie Set)


  • Lycan Pet Box 120/240
  • Dark Noxx Gift Box 160/230
  • Dark Nyxx Gift Box 160/230
  • Box of Regret 110/220
  • Trick & Treat Girl Box 140/210
  • Big Boss Head Box
  • Mermaid Babe Head Form
  • Floating Ghost Head 70/140/170