[Jun 19, 2023] 2-Day Maintenance Window + Server Migration

Hello Tricksters!

The migration is now scheduled to begin sometime on the 19th!

We expect the migration to be completed within 2 days, and will put the server back up as soon as it’s ready.

Original post:

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve service quality and reliability, we are planning to migrate LifeTO to new servers. This migration plan is scheduled to begin on the 29th of this month. As we can’t precisely estimate the total duration of downtime, we are setting a maintenance window of three days to ensure we have enough time to complete the process.

This means that our server may be inaccessible for a maximum duration of three days, starting from the 29th. However, we guarantee that the server will be up and running again by June 1st.

When the server goes back up, I’ll fix the expiration dates on opened Driller Boy/Girl pets, so don’t feel pressured into not opening your boxes!

tl;dr: up to 3-ish day maintenance starting on the 29th