June 3, 2021 Changelog

Hello all! Here are the changes for today’s small update:

General / QoL

  • Megalopolis Square has been reverted to its normal state. Halloween Square remains, as that requires a server restart.
  • You can now fuse unique (legendary/boss) items.
  • The login screen background has been changed.
  • You no longer need to re-set your screen resolution after a login screen background change to see the new background.


For advanced users, you can now change the FPS limit for your game. This can be accomplished by putting a text file named lifeto.toml in the same directory as Trickster.bin (the main game directory) with the contents:

fps_limit = 60

You can replace 60 with any number. For example, I have a 165hz monitor, so I have it set to 165.

Please note that doing this introduces a few visual artifacts, but the improved experience for high refresh rate users may take priority. The following bugs are to be expected (and possibly more):

  • GM announcements seem to stutter at the top (but are still visible in the chat bar)
  • The text input box cursor’s speed is sped up by the factor of increase from 60
  • The water shader is sped up by the factor of increase from 60

Halloween Square will be removed and the boxes in MyShop will be rotated in a week or two.