May 5, 2024 Changelog


  • Fixed character selection UI on higher screen resolutions
  • Initial test implementation of Japanese client (ask for access on Discord!)

For context about the Japanese client thing, I’ve been working on a way to translate the game client-side. I just finished a version that is finished enough to test privately. The quirks:

  • A lot of NPC messages are not yet translated
  • A lot of quest, item, monster, NPC, and pet names are not yet translated
  • Pet and monster dialogue is still not translated
  • Quest dialogue is not translated in the Q menu
  • Some parts of the UI are still not tested, so there may be incorrect or missing strings

I’m currently looking for bugs that relate to crashing and missing/incorrect strings in the user interface. If you know Japanese and are interested in testing, let me know and I can give your account access!