October 10, 2021 Changelog

Hello all! Happy Double Ten Day! Also, here are the changes for today’s small update:

General / QoL

These are basically WIP changes from my staging branch. This may not be an exhaustive list of the changes.

  • It’s that time of the year again, so Halloween Megalopolis Square is back. I promise it won’t be here for 8 months this time :cowboy_hat_face:
  • Made Siren’s Song and Sharp Scream somewhat more useful
    • I’m looking for feedback on this. Feel free to let me know whatever you have on your mind regarding these skill changes.
  • Fixed the incorrect system message showing at level 120 (now shows at level 130, as expected)
  • Quest limit has been upped to 10


Removed Items:

  • Gelatina’s Dessert Box 250
  • Choux’s Dessert Box 40/110/180/250
  • Biker Box 70/120
  • Mardi Gras Magic/Sense Box 80/180
  • Summer Box 40/120
  • Twin Fairy Box 50/100/170/240
  • Sharka Special Set/Pet
  • Reception Box
  • Reception G. Box

Added Items:

  • 2010 Halloween Box 30/90/160/240
  • Gothic Sephiria Box
  • Love Demon Box 60/110/230
  • Nurse Nyxx Box 70/190
  • Ninja Noxx Box 70/190
  • Bedtime Requi Box 100
  • Dark Heart Lock Box 120/220
  • Siffleur Box 100/200
  • Cursed Shield/Hat/Sword
  • Prince Tutankhamen’s Box/Tutankhamen’s Box
  • Admiral Skulley Box/Captain Skull Box
  • Young Blood’s Box/Count Blood’s Box
  • Baby Tenter Lion Box/Tenter Lion Box
  • Karan’s Box
  • Dark Nyxx Box/Dark Noxx Box (as of 10/13/2021)
  • Pirate King’s Box (as of 10/13/2021)

In addition, I made a few internal changes with the server to make development a bit easier. But that’s about it for the time being.