October 16, 2023 Changelog

Hello! We’re getting really close to Halloween now, so here’s our small Halloween update.


  • Megalopolis Square is now Halloween themed
  • Added Gate of Mermaid Dungeon to the Portable Port AD
  • Moved Gate of Tapasco Spa to the “Etc” tab in the Portable Port AD
  • Adjusted spawn rates in 2nd Closed Lot of Jade Steel:
    • Leprechaun: 10 → 20
    • Clurican: 3 → 8
    • Coal Soldier: 20 → 12
  • Adjusted spawn rates in 2nd Closed Lot of Silver Jewel:
    • Guard Mon: 10 → 20
  • Significantly boosted drop rates of the following Mermaid Field drill drops:


You can find Witch La Befana hiding between some pumpkins next to the Megalopolis Shop! While she was relieving oneself in the Phantom Dungeon 1F Toilet, she made herself invisible to hide herself from the monsters there. Unfortunately for her, she forgot that her candies weren’t invisible, and possessed bullies took her candy!

Witch La Befana’s Location Target Monster
image Haunted Leader

For a limited time, you can exchange 10x Sweet Blue Candy, 10x Sweet Red Candy, and 10x Sweet Green Candy for these Halloween-themed fuses: