"Pity" system for gacha

Getting bis 4 slot gacha equipment is the ultimate end goal of the game. Along with temper and high compound. But you won’t really invest in the other two without getting the bis first. I am suggesting an expensive pity system to lighten the burden of the grind. Or at least provide a tangible goal for players to run towards

Add a trade-in system whether it be via in-game npc or website tool. A trade-in of 150~500 of a specified gear/pet to gain the same item of maxed compound slots

If you were to buy, say a lvl 240 halo box you would need to trade in like 400 of them to get 4 slot. This is a 1.12billion galder investment to “purchase” this gear. Other equipment such as Bika gear would be in a lower category like 200 because of their shared drop pool with other gear. To get one such item with maxed slots even through this pity method will cost 2.5b+

This also allows items that are useless to retain some monetary value and allow players to sell them to others seeking to trade-in. People have been asking for a recycler and this is somewhat similar in function

I want to close with saying that I believe it should be even cheaper then I suggested to obtain these items. Easing the burden of what is an endless grind could maybe retain some players that would otherwise not bother. I don’t know if some veterans will feel this is “unfair” when they’ve presumably grinded so much more to get these things, but I doubt anyone is at the point where they wouldn’t also greatly benefit from this. I don’t think anyone will be quitting because they “finished” gearing too soon. Maybe it’d be feasible to pursue fully gearing multiple characters

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