Project: Unlocking the Craft System

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my first post in this forum.

I would like to introduce my new project: Unlock the craft system from the endless galder farm in the phantom dungeon.

It’s an indication that treats about reduce the price of compounds and modifiers in the MyShop. I invite you to check my arguments and informations below.

The reason behind this indication is that the craft system forces an overgrind in the Phantom Dungeon. We have to re-roll tempers and compounds several times until we get something close to 90% of the range.

For exemple, in tempering system, 50 Gold Tempering Gems frequently are not enough to get one stat of interest in the 90% of the range, however, 50 gems means 144m Galders. I can’t say how many hours of Phantom Dungeon it means, depending of your farm character and gears. All this for one stat of interest in only one piece of equipment. We are not even talking about the compounds yet, which includes elixirs, compound stones, Nate’s bootles.

The quantity of time grinding in the phantom dungeon is so large that, honestly, it affects the interest in keep playing. There are 16 classes, each one unique and needing specific gears for each build. Would be amazing if we, players, had more freedom to modify the items, explore the variety of builds. This yes would really be cool, not mentioning how satisfying is the process of craft and modify the items.

Having said all this things, I conclude that the craft system should not be locked to this endless grind. The solution would be the reduction of the price, so I studied the MyShop and brought some infomation, a proposal of price reduction and increase adjust - this one about the level of the compounds and its respective price -.