Queen's Best In Slot Equipment Guide

(This thread will be gradually upgraded as time goes on, since I currently don’t know the intricacies of Raccoon or Cat. It will also be updated every time Ray changes Myshop.)

:small_red_triangle: All classes :small_red_triangle::

  • Powerful Regal Shield (Nikarium item. high defense, can be comped for stupid amounts of HP. Only person that doesn’t really take advantage of this is Lion/gun Fox due to not being able to equip shields)
  • Cyclone Belt (Egg shop item. For physical fighters and Lion)
  • Wind Corset (Egg shop item. For magical fighters and Fox)
  • Great Trickster Equipment (Ring and cape gained from reaching level 400. Can be comped for anything you need)
  • Orange Shoestring (Myshop speed item that boosts physical stats)
  • Red Shoestring (Myshop speed item that boosts magical stats)

:rabbit2: Bunny/Buffalo 🦬 :

  • Powerful Langshwert from Abyss for Bunny (Nikarium item. super high attack)
  • That or Draconic Sword for both since it’s strong Fire attribute
  • For Buffalo, you need to get Warrior Bika Sword 220 since Air is very powerful for Buff
  • Buffalo Halo 240
  • Splish Splash Yupika (Egg pet that can be boosted to level 4. High attack)
  • Grand [x] Rings (Myshop accessory item that boosts attribute)
  • Bubble Gum (Myshop face item that boosts physical stats)
  • Inferno Helm (4g hat item, gained from trading in 60x 1 million galder coupons and 5x scylla shards to Eclipse in Megalo shop. Can be comped for fire attribute)


  • Inventor Lion on top 240 (Myshop gacha item that can be comped for AC)
  • Powerful Striker (Nikarium item from Abyss. Extremely strong gun)
  • or Draconic Bowgun (Has 4 slots for AC to be comped)
  • Warrior Bika Halo 220
  • Inventor Singha Pet (High AC base)
  • Matroos Pipe (Myshop gacha item that can be comped for AC)
    Otherwise shares Orange Shoestring & Cyclone Belt with the power types

Sheep & Non-Dark Lord Dragon:

  • Powerful Chrome Staff (Nikarium item from Abyss. Extremely powerful staff)
  • Dark Nyxx Hat 230 (Myshop gacha hat that has fallen out of rotation. Very strong MA hat)
  • Vindicator’s Visage 220 (Myshop gacha face item that can be comped for MA)
  • Bard Amelie 240 (Powerful MA pet)
  • Bard Halo 240 (MA halo)
  • Yoba Pouch 250 (Ridiculous MA myshop gacha accessory, I don’t think it’s in rotation right now)

Dark Lord Dragon:

  • White Darkness Staff (4G weapon item. Needs 60x 1 million galder checks & 5 gorgon shards from Harkon Defender)
  • Golden Lion Shield (Boss shield dropped by Tut. Can be comped for dark attribute)
  • Dragon Ring 140+190 (Myshop accessory item that can be comped for dark attribute. I list two different levels because you can’t equip the same accessory both times)
    Otherwise shares equips with normal dragon/Sheep.

Love this! I just started this game so now I have some goals to look forward to.

the following was taken from Froosch;
Your BIS equips for thief master (pure fox) would be:
Draconic dagger lvl 300 or 3s powerful jur
Inventor on top 240 for DA Hat
Inventor lion shield for DA Shield
Choux earring 250 and great trickster ring for DA accessory
wind corset for DA vest, you will need bonus eggs for the exchange
Inventor lion pet for DA, the most cost effective DA pet out there.
red shoestring 230- DA sprint
Inventor Halo 240- DA head acc
matro pipe 250- DA face acc

my cat is a diva, that is hp/hv build, her equips are the follow (you can play around with the combination, you want hp/hv in your equips, your draconic sword should give you enough AP you will possibly need)
draconic sword-HV
cardmaster on top 240 for HV or dark noxx hat 230 for hp
Powerful regal shield or draconic shield for hp and dp
shoestring for HV
Great Trickster ring- HV
2nd accessory you can go Red pouch 250 for HP, sugar papi 250 for HV
Cyclone belt for hp
face is the myshop face accessory 250 for HP
head accessory is camera 250 for HP
great trickster cape for HP
pet you can choose Card master 240 or yupika, (i picked card master 240 because I got enough money to spoil on her, but yupika is a more cost effective choice because you can get balanced pet way easier than pet training a card master 240)