September 17, 2023 Changelog

Hello! It’s the end of summer, apparently. That was quick. The next MyShop round will be early October, and it will bring long-awaited Halloween items :slight_smile:


  • Fixed a few NPC messages not displaying correct variables during the Tutankhamen trial
  • Fixed the level 130 box help text (no longer shows at level 120)
  • Actually fixed Gravity Crush this time
  • Removed some of the useless parts of the wiki mirror pages
  • The exchange is in Explorer Reina for now. In the future, it’ll be moved to a permanent NPC (TBA)
  • Tink now drops the Sturdy Scales
  • Removed some old leftover event NPCs in the Desert Beach fields

Mini-Event (September 17 ~ September 24)

Explorer Reina is preparing for winter (and trying to get rid of evidence of their crimes)! Speak to them in Blooming Cora and bring them a image Boiled Octopus Hat to obtain the following items:

Note: You can get a Boiled Octopus Hat from the Spa Capsulmatic 9001 at Gate of Tapasco Theme Spa.