September 3, 2023 Changelog

Hi all, just a small update today. The knowledgebase’s data will be updated soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Chest of the Forgotten God has been replaced with 3 separate boxes (Chest of the Forgotten God’s Circlet/Staff/Shield) in Aria’s exchange list
  • Added Box of 5,000 Ammo to Megalopolis Shop
  • Goddess equipment is now unsellable in-game
  • The following throwing items now have 0 weight: Apricot Dart, Saw Blade Ring, Bone Needle, Big Needle, Super Apricot Dart, Super Saw Blade Ring, Super Bone Needle, Super Big Needle
  • Maid of Honor Terinel 60 and Grand Maid of Honor Terinel 190 no longer have the levels in their names to prevent a crash when right clicking the pets

If you have any old Chest of the Forgotten God boxes, feel free to let me know on Discord if you want to swap it for one of the 3 boxes.

We’ll also exchange previously opened, unwanted Goddess items that have not changed hands (i.e., have not been sold or traded to someone else), but we will not reimburse any enhancements to any items if you choose this option.



  • Pangya Special Box 130/220
  • Invisible Hat Form
  • Invisible Shield Form