Site Modernization Project: August 2023 Update


This series of posts will not be relevant to most people, but it may be relevant to you if you interact with the website or its APIs through automation.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be slowly switching on the new APIs (dubbed “v2”) for the item manager and marketplace. Unfortunately, the new APIs are not equivalent to the original APIs. For example, the long-standing /api/item/options endpoint will go away since option information will now be given with the item object (which has also changed significantly).

This was a long time coming, now that it’s getting progressively more difficult to adapt the legacy code to work in a modern PHP environment.

For developers at heart: The item manager’s current UI has been adapted to the new APIs, so the item manager parts of website will soon split off into another section of the website dubbed “legacy-ui.” It should look nearly identical to a regular player, however bookmarks to the item manager or marketplace may need to be updated in the future once the new UI is released.

For developers that do things with LifeTO: Once the APIs are closer to a production-ready state, I’ll release some basic API documentation for anyone that wishes to interface with the API programmatically. My sole request is to not overdo (spam) requests. At this time, we won’t be providing API token-based authentication, so you will still need to log in using the /login endpoint to obtain the cookie and CSRF token when using the new APIs.

Once again, these changes should not really be noticeable by normal players. If anything looks off or behaves oddly, please let me know.


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