The Best of Both Brawns: Timer's Duelist Guide

NOTE: This is NOT a retype of Timer Rabbit’s Duelist Guide. This is an entirely different guide. I am not Timer Rabbit.

Welcome to my guide for the class I have the most experience with, the Duelist. Becoming a Duelist nets you both Boxer and Warrior skills, with Boxer coming first. But before we begin, let’s go over some quick things.

Bunny or Buffalo?

There actually is a bit of a difference. Bunnies focus on stronger, AC based attacks but are limited to one-on-one fighting. Buffaloes focus on multiple-target attacks and prefer DX over AC, but said attacks are weaker. So, what if you want both? That’s what hybrid classes, like the Duelist, are for. However, bunnies can also learn the super-strong Tetra Punch skill much earlier than the hybrid Buffalo, as it’s a Boxer skill.

Champion or Duelist?

I’ve always seen pure and hybrid classes like this: pure classes allow you to continue your class’s fighting style, while hybrid classes allow you to try something new. Should you choose to be a Champion, you’ll further the bunny’s one-on-one attack style, but skills will be minimal and be limited to RNG card packs and a single quest. This server also lacks the Chi Release skill, so you will truly have one-on-one fights.
With a Duelist, however, you can learn AoEs through the Warrior skills, and also expand your attribute output–select Warrior skills use air, water, fire, or soil attribute, while Champion has a single skill that gets MA added to its damage output should you have fire attribute.

So, in short, the Duelist is better for PvE players as it can take out hunks of enemies at once.

Now, let’s properly begin with the guide.

Builds, Bonus Points, and Compounding

When it comes to Duelists or any other power type, there is one build I will always use: 4123, pure AP. This is because the 2 in sense saves my hands from doing so much drilling, and also adds in some extra WT so I don’t have to depend on a pouch all the time.
However, I will still shout out the default power type build, 4114. It’s not the build I use, but I do see a lot of people use it. Should you choose this build, prepare to save up Myshop for a pouch and burn through a lot of drills, but the added defense will certainly help. I recommend going 3 AP and 1 WT if you choose this build, but if you want to go pure AP, I’ve nothing against that. You’ll likely be using a pouch anyway, after all.

For compounding, pure HP is your friend no matter your build. There’s not exactly a need to add anything else.

Things to Do

I used to give steps per job, but here I’m just going to boil it down to things in general.

  1. You should reach level 10 around when you’re asked to help Winnie in Blooming Cora. Equip your duck set ASAP.

  2. Save your bubble drill (acquired at level 15) until you reach Poppuri Dungeon. The depth will be beyond 20 meters at that point, so your basic drill will not be as useful.

  3. If you’re under level 120 or need better gear without spending Myshop, playing through key quests is a must. You’re going to hate them–I know I do–but it gives you bonus EXP. Once you reach level 120, consider doing mine party quests.

  4. Your bun is going to be better optimized for Gloom Farming than Phantom Dungeon. The cooldown times won’t be enough to handle the swarming enemies in the latter. Get yourself a guardian and start striking down shadow enemies at Path to Caballa Relics.

  5. As I’ve said time and time again, set aside time for TM quests. Daily quests, Card Girl’s quests, Monkey T’s grass quests, what have you–the faster you learn skills, the faster you can breeze through the game.

1st Job Skills

As I’ve done before, these skill sections will be separated into “must-have” and “optional”, with must-have coming first. If a skill is not listed here, skip it.
Note that all mastery items listed are from the wiki, and may not be accurate to this version of the game. If a mastery item is incorrect, let me know ASAP and I’ll edit this guide.

Must-Have Skills

Bull’s Eye - TM 10 - 2 points to learn, 2 points to master - Master
A percent-based AC buff that adds up to 45% at master. As I said above, AC is going to be more of a priority for you as a bunny, plus this starts a skill learning chain that goes throughout 2nd job. Level and master this over time, keeping an eye on your MP. Requires 2 Hula Octopus cards to master.

Burning Rave - TM 20 - 2 points to learn - Level 10
A skill that is honestly rather weak. The wiki says to subtract 80% from the percentage listed on the skill window (so for example, at level 10, it does 200% instead of the listed 280%). However, this skill is an incredibly important prerequisite. Use it early in the game, then toss it once you hit 2nd job. Plus, your regular attack does just fine, I’d argue.

Pumping Heart - TM 25 - 3 points to learn, 3 to master - Master - Requires Burning Rave level 1 to learn
A party AP buff that adds up to 16% at master. As you’re going for a Duelist and not a Champion, this is your one and only AP buff. Learning and using this is an absolute must. That 16% may not be much at first, but just wait until you get later in the game. Requires 2 Mummy (Basic Mummy) cards to master.

Upper Smash - TM 40 - 2 points to learn - Level 10 - Requires Bull’s Eye level 10 to learn
Another prerequisite skill. You’ll honestly never use this, ever, unless you really want to. Level it to 10 for an important 2nd job skill.

Hyper Beat - TM 45 - 4 points to learn - Level 10 - Requires Bull’s Eye level 10 and Burning Rave level 10
Lowers (yes, lowers, DX is a weird stat) your DX by up to -2 at level 10. DX won’t be as important to you, but it’s another prerequisite. However, the skill Hyper Beat is needed for won’t come around until much later, so you can hold off leveling this for a while.

Optional Skills

Shockwave - TM 1 - 1 point to learn, 2 points to master
Another simple single-target attack, one I personally prefer over Burning Rave. However, it’s under the optional section because you don’t absolutely have to learn it, and it has a nasty 3 second cooldown. Though, something of note is that both 2nd and 3rd job will contain skills that add effects to it, so maybe you’ll want to learn it! Requires 2 Clione cards to master.

Armor Breaker - TM 30 - 2 points to learn, 2 points to master - Requires Shockwave level 10
Lowers an enemy’s DP by up to 38% when mastered. I can see this having use in PvP, but not in the field as it only affects one enemy. Requires 2 Turvy cards to master.

2nd Job Advancement
Requires 3 100k Galder Checks (acquired at level 60), 1 Growth Badge (dropped by Kaboom), and 1 Brave Bunny Badge (also dropped by Kaboom)

Even with your raw power, let’s face it–this is almost never fun, especially with the fact that you have zero ranged attacks. Nonetheless, it’ll be absolutely worth it, so let’s get to it!

  1. Pack as many HP and MP potions as you can. If you have the galder or MS points, I highly recommend the Hyperium potions from either Mega Shop or Myshop.

  2. Bolt to Caballa Relics Dungeon 4. Avoid any and all enemies that come after you, especially the Naranjos.

  3. Time to learn the art of hit and run! Kabooms can inflict you with Guard Break. If you get that little static electricity thing above your head, run for a safe spot and heal.

  4. Kaboom can also cast Berserker. Run from this as well, until he’s no longer coming for you. Heal if you need to, wait for his red aura to fade, then get back at it.

  5. Be prepared to fight more than one Kaboom. While the Growth Badge will almost certainly drop, the other character badges might as well, so try not to get too frustrated.

  6. Need help? Ask a friend!

2nd Job Skills

Well, well, look at you. You’re a bonafide Boxer now! Let’s see if that long Kaboom fight was worth it. (It is. Trust me.)

Must-Have Skills

Uppercut - TM 60 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Master - Requires Upper Smash Level 10
A strong single-target attack with a cooldown that gets shorter as you level it, from 23 seconds at level 1 to 11 seconds at master. The long cooldown may seem like it’s not worth it, but considering it can hit up to 600% of your AP at master, I’d say it is. Plus, you can add on more attack power to it later. Requires 2 Quiem cards to master.

Quad Punch - TM 85 - 3 points to learn - Level 10 - Requires Burning Rave Level 10
Strike an enemy four times in a row. It does the same damage every time, but this is what you have for now. If you’ve been using Shockwave, toss it aside and start using this and Uppercut instead.

Counter Punch - TM 100 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Master - Requires Uppercut Level 10
A passive skills that adds additional damage to Uppercut, up to 360% at master. This was the skill I was talking about just before. Depending on what level Uppercut and this skill are, Uppercut is now between 630% attack power (level 10 Uppercut and level 1 Counter) and 960% attack power (both mastered). I think this should be a pretty easy choice. Requires 7 silver-colored mantles (dropped by Captain Arman in Rose Garden 2) to master.

Guard - TM 110 - 5 points to learn, 3 points to master - Master - Requires Hyper Beat Level 10
Blocks damage from physical and gun attacks up to 5 times when mastered, though secondary effects (like Faint) will still occur. This is primarily learned for 3rd job trials, but I can see its use beyond it. However, I won’t judge you if you never use it again after. Absolutely master this before trials, if possible. Requires 3 Dancer Michael cards to master.
Something important to remember about this skill is that a Guard will still be used up if an attack misses or is blocked.

Tetra Punch - TM 120 - 4 points to learn, 4 points to master - Master - Requires Quad Punch Level 10
Here it is, the big one. This is essentially the same skill as Quad Punch, but the attack damage doubles with each hit. To put that into perspective, you’ll end up dealing 1500% attack power at level 1 and 2040% power when mastered. Learn and master this before trials–no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Requires 4 Slithis cards to master (be sure to pick up plenty of jellies while you are looking for them).

Optional Skills

Guard Break - TM 41 - 4 points to learn - Requires Shockwave Level 10
Inflicts the Guard Break status on an enemy struck by Shockwave for 20 seconds, making them unable to block or dodge attacks. I can see this being very useful early on, but once you toss out Shockwave, it’s 4 used TM points sitting there. That’s why this is in the optional section, aside from Shockwave also being optional.

Dash - TM 55 - 3 points to learn - Requires Hyper Beat Level 1
Click on an area, and you’ll bolt right there. This skill is more for Champions since they need it for Flash Cut, but I can see its use in trials if you need to get out of a mob. Not much of a reason to have it besides that, though.

Eagle Eye - TM 110 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Requires Bull’s Eye Level 10
A party version of Bull’s Eye that adds up to 22% AC when mastered. If you party with a lot of melee chars (especially Champions) and/or gunners often, this is definitely a skill to get. Otherwise, skip it entirely. Requires 3 Officer Surapat (Sulaphat) cards to master.

3rd Job Advancement

Welcome to hell–is what I would say. As a power type, you have a tad more of an advantage than the DA foxes and electric sheep I’ve previously written guides for, at least in terms of damage output. I’ll go over the steps to advance like I always do.

  1. Go to the Garden of Skill Master in Megalopolis and talk to the Door of Tribulation once you reach 130/TM 120. It’ll ask for an unknown item (a Ticket of the Valiant) and 3 1,000,000 galder checks. You get one of the checks for free when you reach 130, and you can get the two others from Andrew in Azteca or Megalopolis Bank. The ticket is drilled up in Swamp Dungeon. Turn those in and it will allow you to pass.
  2. In the next room, talk to Alseido Bird’s messenger and tell it you want to become a Duelist. It’ll ask for the same things as (most) always: a Harkon, a Needleless Compass, and a Sealed Guardian. Time to begin our worldwide trek.
  3. Head to Desert Beach field 3 and talk to Boxer Jeanne. Tell her you want to become a Duelist. She’ll ask for a Jade and Sacred Water. The jade is dropped by Nora Joe in Nora Sewer, NOT the one dug up in Caballa Relics dungeon. The Sacred Water is drilled up in Black Swamp fields.
  4. Jeanne will tell you to head to the Gate of Snow Hill to talk to Happisto Stallone. Head northwest from Megalopolis to get there. Once you arrive, activate the teleport service with Kochi and then talk to Happisto Stallone. He will ask for four items: a brass (dropped by Brass Knight in Vamp Castle 3), a magnetite (dropped by Iron Knight in Vamp Castle 2 and 3), a Glass Piece (dropped by Bone Warrior in Vamp Castle 4 and 5), and a Magic Powder (dropped by Bone Magician in Vamp Castle 4 and 5). Get three of each, as this is a cycle quest. This part is worse than the trials due to the drop rate of the items, in my opinion. (You don’t have to activate the teleport service in Vamp Castle this time, but it’ll surely help in the future.)
  5. Once you have the compass frame made, head to the mine in Snow Field 2 and complete the quest given to you by Blacksmith Marx. There’s your harkon!
  6. Now head back to Boxer Jeanne in Desert Beach field 3 and turn in your quest. So begins the trials. Remember these tips:

Guard does NOT protect against magic attacks, and lasts for just under a minute at master OR until all the guards are used up. It also has a rather long cooldown time. Cast it wisely.
Pack many hyperium potions and resurrect scrolls before you begin.
If you fail a trial, remember that you don’t have to repeat any past ones you’ve cleared.
Some enemies have faint and electroshock. Be patient.
You don’t have any AoEs yet, so you’re stuck fighting one on one. Draw out a single enemy from the trio so you won’t be mobbed by the others, take them out, then repeat.
The infamous Leviathans are as tanky as always and have Dodge Master. If you still have Shockwave with Guard Break, you may be able to put it to use here so that your attacks land. Use that, even if it doesn’t inflict damage, then give them the old Tetra-Uppercut combo!
Once you complete that, take a nice drink of water and head back to Jeanne.

  1. Head back to Alseido Bird’s messenger to complete your quest and advance to Duelist! Congratulations!

3rd Job Skills

The Two “Sub-Trees”: Lacerator and Piercing Wave

As a Duelist, you now have access to the Warrior skills, obtainable from Warrior Kei in Azteca or in the First Room of Skill Administrators in Garden of Skill Master. However, there is (in a sense) two smaller skill trees that comes with the Warrior: Lacerator and Piercing Wave, named after the skills that start them off. Lacerator skills are linear or have a small range, while Piercing Wave skills are radial and may have a larger range depending on the skill. Both trees allow for adding attribute to the skill formulas: water and air for Lacerator, or fire and soil for Piercing Wave. (No electric, sadly. I miss Lightning Strike.)
Since this is your third job, you won’t be using Lacerator or Piercing Wave at all, but you can learn both of the “trees” if you want to and/or have the TM to burn. Because of this, I won’t be dividing this section into “must-have” and “optional”, instead listing out the two trees and then going into optional. Take your pick, or have both!

The Lacerator Tree

Lacerator - TM 105 - 3 points to learn - Level 10
A linear attack that can supposedly hit multiple enemies, but I’ve never seen that. As I said, you won’t be using this skill at all. It’s a prerequisite above all else.

Tidal Slash - TM 160 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Requires Lacerator Level 10
This water attribute AoE is linear in nature, attacking in a straight line. I personally have no experience with this move, so I can’t say much about it. Stack on some water attribute (or not) and let me know how it goes. Requires 3 Officer Surapat cards to master.

Tempest Strike - TM 180 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Requires Lacerator Level 10
The air attribute AoE has a range very similar to the sheep’s Wind Blade. It’s quick and fast, hitting up to 5 targets with a 3 second cooldown at master. Air buffaloes are a very popular thing for a reason, and this skill gives you a taste of it. Requires 4 Cobra Flower cards to master.

The Piercing Wave Tree

Piercing Wave - TM 135 - 3 points to learn - Level 10
This is, as far as I am aware, a single target attack. As I said, however, you’ll likely never be using this skill. Keep it at level 10 unless you decide to make a Gladiator Buffalo one day.

Earthquake Blade - TM 165 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Requires Piercing Wave Level 10
This soil attribute AoE will give you Cleaving Terra vibes. Its range is spread around the user, increasing at levels 5, 9, and when mastered. It’s the large range of Cleaving Terra with the stationary placement of Wind Blade. This is a VERY good skill and I highly recommend it. Dust off the old Pharaoh Sword! Requires 3 Officer Okto cards to master.

Inferno Blade - TM 175 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Requires Piercing Wave Level 10
The fire attribute AoE has a small range like Wind Blade and Tempest Strike. If you’re stacking on fire attribute from your Draconic gear, that’s honestly the only reason I’d recommend it. Tempest Strike has this skill beat. Requires 3 Dancer Isabelle Cards to master.

Optional Skills

Berserker - TM 120 - 3 points to learn, 3 points to master - Requires Pumping Heart Level 7
Not to be confused with the Scientist’s Berserk skill, this boosts your AP by up to 204% at the cost of losing all control of your character and your HP and MP ticking down by 20 every second the skill is active. Supposedly this skill is very good in Harkon Defense, but as I personally don’t do Harkon Defense, I can’t tell you much beyond “whacking every enemy until there’s none left, then your character just stops”. Learn it if you want to. Requires 3 Crow cards to master.

And that is that. Let’s put a shiny bow on all these guides! I might make others in the future, but for now, this is it. I’ve played almost every class in Trickster, so if you have any questions regarding any class I’ve not made a guide for, drop me a line in the LifeTO Discord.

Thanks for reading!