December 17, 2023 Changelog

Hello! No content updates today, just a server reboot for security reasons. More MyShop will come later today (the 17th). :slight_smile:

Version 12172023


  • The eTO (v2) client is now live! Refer to LF> Testers for eTO Client Private Alpha to learn about the changes.
  • Winter Megalopolis Square is here again.
  • Security passwords have been disabled. You can no longer set a security password.

As always, please let me know about any issues (especially with the eTO/v2 client) on Discord!

If any problems arise, for the time being, you can revert to the original client by deleting Trickster.bin and renaming Trickster_legacy.bin to Trickster.bin. Eventually, this will be disabled.

Version 12172023v2


  • Fixed a crash caused by using the cat skill “2 Hit Combo”
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some boxes from being opened
  • Improved initial loading performance slightly

Version 12172023v3


  • Added _dbghelp.dll so that crash dumps are created


[New Item]

  • Jolly Snowman
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Christmas Santa Hat
  • Rudolph Band
  • Rudolph Cap
  • Rudolph Glasses
  • Rudolph Nose
  • Rudolph Shield
  • Rudolph’s Ear Muffs’ Skin
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