No Need to Dream: Timer's Electric Sheep Guide

Hello and welcome to my elec sheep guide! When it comes to sheep, electric skills are something I personally have the most experience with, and I’m willing to share that experience with you. I’ll also briefly cover some water and fire skills should you choose to use either of them. So, let’s get started!

But before that, there’s two things I would like to cover.

Why go electric?

I’m primarily a PvE player. Bossing is something I rarely do on the side and I stay away from PvP and Harkon Defense. Electric skills can be used in all of these situations, with a slight lean towards PvE. Of course, if you play a sheep normally, you can also add water or fire skills to it. However, I decided to challenge myself by using only electric skills. How you want to play your character is up to you, which is why I am tossing in water and fire skills alongside the guide’s main focus of electric skills.

Why play a sheep?

Sheep get earlier access to PvE skills than dragons. They are also far more versatile than them in that they can choose two different elements rather than sticking with just one through their entire second job. Of course, one can always go hybrid, but that’s a discussion for later on.

Now we can begin.

Builds, Bonus Points, and Compounding

I have only ever used one build and distribution with magic types: the default 1432, putting all of my bonus points into MA. This is because the accuracy of magic skills comes from LK, a sense type stat. I totally understand people going 1441, but you’re basically giving up all of your defense. Magic types are incredibly frail no matter which class or magic type you go for (unless you’re a light magician with Light Shield/Shield of Heaven), so I recommend the default 1432. If you’re concerned about your defenses, you can try 1423, but I can’t give any advice on it personally. If you choose to use 1414, your skills will likely miss a ton, so consider putting your points into LK instead.

For compounding, no matter which build or bonus point distribution you go with, stick with HP. You’ll naturally get MP due to your locked 4 in magic, so there’s not much of a reason to comp MP. If you have a shield that will let you refine DP, consider going for that if you don’t mind drilling up ores and the RNG of the item possibly breaking as you refine it further, therefore having to set aside MS for repair powders.
If you chose to use 1414 or a different point distribution other than pure MA, be sure to compensate for that weaker stat as well. Staves can be refined for more MA, and 1414 users will definitely have to compound LK a lot, but that can thankfully be done on most (if not all) staves.

1st Job: Librarian (If you’re playing a dragon, you can use this part of the guide essentially the same way for your 1st job, because I play them the exact same way.)

You’ve just arrived in Caballa Island with your trusty magic book in hand. What do we do first?

  1. Follow the quest line. Keep on going, following the quest line as much as you’d like. The game stops holding your hand around Caballa Relics, in which I’d recommend hopping onto episode 1 of the story. (Though I usually hop off before chapter 3, as I hate the Harkon Heirloom RNG.)

  2. Prioritize TM quests sooner than later. TM can be a pain to get if you don’t have the luxury of a Driller Boy, good DA, and a Flicker Drill. Do dailies, card quests, Monkey T’s quests*, whichever you’d like. It’s best to keep it close to your base level at all times.

  3. Save up galder, especially if you’re a brand new player. Keep 50 and 500 galder coupons in your bank. 50 galder coupons are for eventually getting a driller boy (you’ll need 50 of them, as well as 50 daily coupons from daily quests and 3 card hunter crests from Card Hunter Eugene), and 500 galder coupons are all over the place in early game. Remember that you can convert any extra galder you have to Myshop points on the site’s control panel!

  4. Save your level 15 bubble drill for Poppuri Dungeon onward. Your basic drill can go up to 20 meters, and Desert Beach/Pyramid Dungeon goes that deep. It’s from Poppuri Dungeon onward that your Basic Drill will start to become less and less useful.

  5. When your reach level 40, equip the Duo Doctor and Newbie Sprint ASAP. The Duo Doctor will likely knock your life vest out the park, and sprints are always nice.

1st Job Skills
If you’ve read my Thief Master guide, you may have noticed how similar that first part sounded. Well, I’m going to do the same thing with the skills as well. I’ll separate them into “must-have” and “optional” sections. Any skill not mentioned is one you should skip.

Must-Have Skills

Mana Arrow - TM 1 required, 1 point to learn and 2 to master - Master
A simple magic attack that strikes one target. Believe it or not, you’ll be using this for the majority of the game, even in 3rd job trials if you choose to make a elec-only sheep like I did. However, the MP use jumps from 90 to 120 at level 10, so I recommend keeping it at level 9 for a while, then mastering it when you can handle the MP use. Also of note is that the cooldown time increases as you level it, from 1 second at level one to 2 seconds at master, so keep that in mind as well. Requires 2 Clione cards to master.

Cure - TM 10 required, 1 point to learn and 2 to master - Master
A skill that allows you to heal yourself or an ally for up to 45% of their HP when mastered. This is a skill you will absolutely need throughout the game, especially if you chose to lean towards charm stats for your build or compounded a lot of HP. I’d recommend sticking with HP potions early on, however, due to its dependence on percentage and it being rather unlikely that you’ll have enough HP for it to really do anything for you. Use your best judgment. Requires 2 Hula Octopus cards to master.

Invincible Casting - TM 10 required, 5 points to learn - No leveling (passive skill)
Allows you to continue casting even when you get hit by an enemy. Yes? Yes. Absolutely. Learn this ASAP or you’ll be giving yourself a hard time that can be very easily avoided.

Bottle of Mana - TM 20 required, 2 points to learn - Level 1 - Requires Cure level 10
Gives you additional MP. This is a requirement for a very important skill later, and you gain more MP naturally. Keep this at level 1 at all times.

Mana Shield - TM 30 required, 2 points to learn - Level 10
Boosts MD by a certain percentage. Now, before you go and learn this skill right away: save this for after you advance to 2nd job, but before 3rd job trials. This is because it’s a prerequisite for shield skills that you will learn no matter the 3rd job you choose, and there’s no need to use it for anything other than that. Save your TM points now, and make a mental note of this skill for later on.

Mist of Mana - TM 40 required, 4 points to learn and 3 to master - Master - Requires Bottle of Mana level 1
Boosts your MA by up to 45% when mastered. This is a skill you will truly use for the rest of the game, no matter your build. Learn and master ASAP, at least when you’re able to handle the MP cost alongside your other skills. Requires 2 Koom cards to master.

Arrow Rush - TM 50 required, 4 points to learn and 3 to master - Master - Requires Mana Arrow level 10
Modifies Mana Arrow to fire multiple arrows at once, up to 7 when mastered, at the cost of accuracy. If you didn’t understand why you’ll be using a 1st job skill for a good chunk of the game, here is why. Even though each arrow is less accurate, you get multiple hits from a skill that only hit once before. Combine it with the MA boost you’ll get from Mist of Mana, and you’ve got a skill that’ll be sticking with you. Requires 2 Guiana cards to master.

Optional Skills

Mana Web - TM 20 required, 1 point to learn - Level 1
Adds DX to the enemy, making them attack slower. Only learn this if you’re planning to learn water skills alongside your electric ones. Otherwise, skip it.

Mana Ring - TM 20 required, 2 points to learn - Level 10
Another magic attack that has a small AoE range around the struck target. Much like Mana Web, this is only needed depending on your element chosen, fire in this case. It’s not really needed otherwise.

Mana Storm - TM 35 required, 2 points to learn - Level 10
An AoE magic attack that attacks enemies around you. It’s honestly not that good and only needed if you want a light spell that I’ve listed as optional as is. Supposedly, according to the skill description, it’s best between the level of 50 and 80–I’ve never understood that.

2nd Job Advancement
Requires 3 100k galder checks (acquired at level 60), 1 Growth Badge (dropped by Kaboom), and 1 Pure Sheep Badge (also dropped by Kaboom)

Hoo-wee, this is going to be a doozy. Remember me going on about how frail magic types are? This is going to be a prime showcase of that.

  1. Get plenty of Hyperium potions from Mega Shop or Myshop. Both kinds. You may not be able to cast Cure fast enough, if at all.

  2. Make sure the following skills are mastered: Mana Arrow, Mist of Mana, and (if possible) Arrow Rush.

  3. Once you get into Caballa Relics Dungeon, make a beeline for Dungeon 4 as fast as you can. Avoid any enemy you come across, especially the Naranjos and Chimus. Naranjos are aggressive and can afflict Guard Break, quickly tearing down your sheep, and Chimus can cast a Banish circle when their health is low, sending you back to Megalopolis if you’re not paying attention.

  4. Kabooms are going to take a long time to knock out. Make sure to keep your HP, MP, and Mist of Mana refreshed.

  5. Growth Badges will almost always drop, but the Pure Sheep Badge will not, as other character badges may drop instead. Pack enough potions to take out multiple Kabooms if needed.

Once you finally get done with that, turn in the items to Bard La Fimmel and change over to 2nd job. Congrats!

2nd Job - Bard

That’s a nice green outfit you have there. But more importantly, it’s time to shift to the focus of this guide–electric skills! (And some others you might want.)

Choosing Your Other Element

Given that you’re reading this guide, you’re almost certainly going to use the Seal of Thunder card to be able to learn electric skills. However, you can also choose to learn either water or fire skills, or go solo like I did. However, since you’ll likely want a second element, which one is better? Honestly, it depends on your preference. I’ve had experience with both, and I’ll be more than happy to share.
Water/elec is the combo I have the most experience with. Most water spells are single-target and are therefore good for PvP and bosses. However, the spell you should really be setting your sights on is Shard of the Glacier (requires Seal of Water and Mana Arrow level 10), which not only stuns enemies but also lowers their electric resistance, though keep in mind that there’s a chance for the skill to fail regardless of your LK. Sounds good? Thought so. If you want a water spell before that, you can consider the combo of Drip Bomb + Water Web.
Fire/elec is actually the combo I started out with on my first sheep, but didn’t much care for it. Therefore, I don’t have much experience with this. Fire is a lot like electric in that is has both single-target and AoE skills, leaning more towards AoE. However, the cooldown times are rather slow. Skills to look out for are Scorching Earth (an AoE you can cast around you and leave put, requires Seal of Fire) and Incinerate (an AoE centered on an enemy and can hit others two tiles apart, requires Seal of Fire and Mana Ring level 10).

2nd Job Skills
Since I’d just be retyping what I put in my Thief Master guide, I’m going to let you loose on what to do. Instead, I’m going to skip straight to the skills. As electric is the focus of this guide, I am going to go over the electric skills only.

Must-Have Skills

Seal of Thunder - TM 55 required, 0 points to learn - Passive
Allows you to learn electric skills.

Electro Attack - TM 55 required, 2 points to learn and 2 to master - Master - Requires Seal of Thunder
An attack that goes for an enemy and then attacks up to 5 enemies around it when mastered. Here’s another skill you will be sticking with the entire game. Depending on the secondary element you chose to learn, this skill will be your very best friend, especially once you reach TM 90–trust me on this.

Electroshock - TM 90 required, 2 points to learn - Passive - Requires Electro Attack level 10
Hey look, you didn’t have to wait long to find out what I meant! Electroshock adds a stun effect to Electro Attack, locking enemies in place for a little bit. However, they can still attack if you get close enough, at least from my experience. Given that you can strike multiple enemies with Electro Attack, this is certainly a skill to learn.

Optional Skills

Thunderbolt - TM 70 required, 3 points to learn and 3 to master - Requires Seal of Thunder
A single-target skill with varying damage, which is exactly why this skill is optional. It seems as if the game rolls the dice when it comes to damage with this skill–it doesn’t give you the same damage every time. Either you’ll get a good hit or you’ll get something terrible. Regardless, this skill is supposedly very good for bosses, so if you do that then here’s a skill for you. Requires 3 Crow cards to master.

Water/Thunder/Fire Shield - TM 100 required, 2 points to learn and 3 to master - Master** - Requires Seal of Water/Thunder/Fire and Mana Shield level 10
Raises your water, electric, or fire resistance by up to 34% when mastered. I can name a whopping total of three (maybe four) instances where this skill can be useful: PvP, bossing, and Soul Masters. Soul Masters will need them for a very important skill (honestly the only reason I can see people going Soul Master these days), but otherwise I’d only use this skill if you’re going up against an enemy that you know has that attribute. I recommend learning only one of these skills unless you plan to boss a lot.
Water Shield requires 5 joker’s balls (dropped from Joker in northwest forest) to master, Thunder Shield requires 9 ball joints (dropped by Dancer Michael in Rose Garden 1) to master, and Fire Shield requires 9 colored papers (dropped by Chameleon Frog in Swamp Fields 2 and 4) to master.

Tesla Field - TM 145 required, 3 points to learn and 3 to master - Requires Electro Attack level 10 and Mana Arrow level 10
An AoE spell that fires at an enemy and stays there for a little while, damaging enemies that walk onto it every two seconds. An interesting spell that’s hampered by being stationary and having a chance to fail casting. I’ve tried it before and it’s okay. Requires 3 Madam Chiffon cards to master.

3rd Job Advancement

The big question - Soul Master or Witch?
When I was making my electric sheep, I was constantly undecided between which 3rd job I wanted. I don’t think I knew at first. I eventually went with Soul Master, but not without much debate. To help you make your own decision, I’ll list the pros and cons of each class.

Soul Master

  1. has skills that can reflect damage, even when an attack misses
  2. has skills that can reduce enemies’ elemental resistance in a certain area


  1. Very few skills (though this is the case with all pure 3rd jobs, let’s be honest)
  2. the attack skills are essentially not-as-good versions of your first attack that don’t add on the bonus debuffs (so no electroshock stun–apparently Staff of Thunder is good though?)
  3. Dimensional Rift is not on this server, leaving out what I think is a very good reason to go Soul Master
  4. Skills can be hard to get (though again, basically the same with any pure 3rd job)
  5. the reflect skills are partially based off AC, a power stat that you likely don’t have much of (but can easily compound)


  1. Can learn more skills than Soul Master through the Magician’s skills
  2. Light users can learn Light Shield (which buffs DP, MD, and light resist) and eventually Shield of Heaven (creates a barrier based off of your MA)
  3. Dark users can learn a damage over time skill with Hellfire + Wicked Flame, and a physical attack reflect skill with Dark Barrier


  1. basically everyone that makes a witch makes one for Light Shield + Shield of Heaven. There are barely any dark witches (if there are any at all)–my note on Dark witches comes from using a Dark Lord.

With that said, let’s begin the absolute awfulness that is the 3rd job quests. (It was for me, anyway)

  1. Make sure the following skills are mastered: Electro Attack, Mana Arrow, Mist of Mana, and Arrow Rush. Make sure you have learned Electroshock as well.
  2. Go to the Door of Tribulation in the Garden of Skill Master in Megalopolis. It’ll ask for three 1 million galder checks and an unknown item, which is a Ticket of the Valiant. You get a free check when you reach level 130–you’ll need to buy the other two from Andrew at Mega Bank or Azteca for a total of 2,100,000 galders. The Ticket is drilled up in Swamp Dungeon.
  3. Once you’re inside, it’s time to decide your third job. Talk to Sacred Esper’s messenger to become a Soul Master, or talk to Golden Ant’s messenger to become a Witch.
  4. Next, find Bard La Fimmel in Rose Garden 3. She’ll ask you what 3rd job you chose. Depending on which one you picked, you’ll either need a Pure Sapphire for Soul Master (dropped from Popeyed Anemone in Seabed Field 1) or an Amber for Witch (dropped by Captain Norman in Rose Garden 2 and 4) along with a Sacred Water for both jobs (drilled in Black Swamp fields). Deliver those items to her to complete the quest.
  5. Head up the northwest exit of Megalopolis to the gate of Snow Hill. Once you get there, talk to Kochi to register the teleport for Snow Hill. (You will need it, trust me.) Then, talk to Happisto Stallone, who will help you make the compass frame. You’ll need 3 brass (dropped from Brass Knight in Vamp Castle 3), 3 magnetite (dropped from Iron Knight in Vamp Castle 2 and 3), 3 glass pieces (dropped from Bone Warrior in Vamp Castle 4 and 5), and 3 magic powders (dropped from Bone Magician in Vamp Castle 4 and 5). (I know it says you need 1 of each, but you need to do the quest three times.) Once you have those, head back to Snow Hill and talk to Happisto Stallone until he makes the compass frame.

IMPORTANT: before you enter Vamp Castle, be sure to register the teleport service there as well! This will save you a headache should you fail your trials.

  1. Go into the snow fields and make your way to the mine in field 2. Complete Blacksmith Marx’s quests to get your harkon. You will need 15 pure tantalums (not titaniums, I get them mixed up sometimes) and 15 flawless opals.
  2. Once you get your harkon, warp back to Megalopolis. Buy as many Hyperium potions (again, both kinds) and resurrect scrolls from the shop as you can, then warp to Vamp Castle via Pachi and make your way to Bard La Fimmel. Talk to her to begin your 16 trials.

Some tips for trials:
A) Try to lure out a single enemy at a time, especially if you mainly have single-target attacks. Be careful using Electro Attack with multiple enemies close by!
B) If you somehow get lucky and have the enemies placed just right, try spamming Electro Attack on them. This should stun them in place and allow for an easy pass. (I managed to do this on the Kooms and it gave me a laugh.)
C) Patience, grasshopper! I failed the Leviathans so many times. You’ll get them eventually.
D) Much like with Kaboom, use HP potions instead of Cure, especially towards the end.
E) If you ever fail a trial, don’t worry–you won’t have to repeat the ones you passed again.

  1. Once you get out of that hell, go back to Bard La Fimmel (you can use the Ceremonia or Vamp Castle route this time, the Vamp Castle route is a quicker way to her) and turn in the quest.
  2. Finally, go back to the messenger you chose and turn in your third job quest. Huzzah! You’ve done it! Now go rest your eyes and put on some relaxing music–I wouldn’t be surprised if this stressed you out a ton like it did me.

3rd Job - Soul Master/Witch
Well, that’s over. I gave a brief mention of spells you might want, but I’ll be more than happy to go over them here again in detail.
Because this guide isn’t targeted towards a specific 3rd job, I’ll be going over skills for both classes.

Soul Master - Must-Have Skills

Undine’s/Raion’s/Salamander’s Blessing - TM 140 required, requires 4 points to learn and 3 to master - Master - Requires Water (Undine’s)/Thunder (Raion’s)/Fire (Salamander’s) Shield level 5 to learn
Basically, the entire reason to make a Soul Master, or at least that’s how I see it. This skills reflects damage based off AC and LK, and lasts for however long your shield skill is up–you can’t cast the blessing without it, hence why I advised mastering the shield skills. All of these skills require 5 Purple Worm cards to master. Undine’s Blessing is dropped by Iciclers in Snow Field 4, Raion’s Blessing is dropped from Bone Magicians in Vamp Castle 4 and 5 (maybe you found one while hunting for magic powders?), and Salamander’s Blessing is dropped by Aabons in Techichi Field 4.

Undine’s Garden/Raion’s Space - TM 150 required, requires 4 points to learn and 3 to master - Requires Seal of Water (Undine’s)/Seal of Thunder (Raion’s)
Reduces elemental resistance in an area you target. This reminds me a lot of Scorching Earth, in that it’s an AoE skill that stays put. However, of note is that the skill you learn determines which elemental resistance is reduced: Undine’s Garden drops electric resistance, while Raion’s Space drops fire resistance. (Water users are out of luck, as their debuff is stuck with the wind seal.) Whichever you choose is up to you, but Undine’s Garden is my personal recommendation–if you can find it. Undine’s Garden is dropped by Legendary Siremaid in Mirage Island Dungeon 1 and Robin’s Memory, and Raion’s Space is dropped by Electric Snail in Path to Black Swamp and Swamp Fields 1 and 2. Both skills require 3 Maid Lydia cards to master.

Soul Master - Optional Skills

Staff of Thunder - TM 120 required, requires 4 points to learn and 3 to master - requires Mana Arrow level 10 and Electro Attack level 10
As I specified before, the Soul Master’s attack skills are nothing to write home about, mainly as they don’t apply the debuffs from skills like Water Web and Electroshock. Staff of Thunder is a stronger (and much flashier) version of Electro Attack without the stun from Electroshock, down to hitting five enemies. However, it’s more like the Searing Light skill that Priests have, in that you click on an enemy and attacks in and enemies around it. Give it a shot if it sounds like your thing and want another electric attack in your arsenal. Acquired from the Ur card pack. Requires 5 Slithis cards to master.

Salamander’s Territory - TM 150 required, 4 points to learn and 3 points to master - Requires Seal of Fire
This is being brought up because I don’t want to leave the fire debuff skill hanging. However, it is optional because it debuffs earth resistance, and the only earth skills people ever use are Cleaving Terra or Earthquake Blade. If you have a friend who can time the long cast of Cleaving Terra just right or uses other Earth skills like Earthquake Blade, you can give this skill a go. Dropped by Fire Moths in Tapasco Fields 1 and 2. Requires 3 Maid Lydia cards to master.

Light Witch - Must-Have Skills
Because this is a hybrid class, I will be listing the TM levels required for Witches.

Light Pact - TM 105 required - 0 points to learn
Allows you to learn light skills. Essentially, a seal for light mages.

Catastrophe Heal - TM 110 required, 2 points to learn and 2 to master - Master - Requires Light Pact and Cure level 10
An HP restoration skill based off MA and LK. I personally find this skill better than Cure because you don’t need to click yourself. Some people may find potions better, though, and I totally understand. Requires 2 Quiem cards to master.

Light Shield - TM 145 required, requires 3 points to learn and 3 to master - Master - Requires Light Pact and Mana Shield level 10
Boosts DP, MD, and Light Resistance–20% resist and 15% DP and MD at master. At where you are in the game, you should only need this as a prerequisite, but I can still see its use as the boosts are based off of percentage. Maybe that extra DP could help if you went 1441! Requires 3 Chele cards to master.

Shield of Heaven - TM 170 required, 5 points to learn and 5 to master - Master - Requires Light Shield Mastered
This was what you were waiting on, wasn’t it? This skill creates a barrier whose strength depends on your MA, taking damage in place of your HP. The barrier’s strength can be up to 4500% of your MA when mastered! It’s no wonder this is essentially a requirement for light dragons going for 3rd job. The only disadvantage is that it only lasts over a minute at most, but that’s a very small disadvantage. Requires 5 Slithis cards to master.

Light Witch - Optional Skills

Arrow of Light - TM 105 required, 2 points to learn - level 10 - Requires Light Pact
A single-target skill that attacks one enemy. You have enough of that with Mana Arrow + Rush and (if you chose to learn them) your water/fire skills. This is just a prerequisite for another optional skill I will mention in a little bit. Keep this at 10.

Oath of Light - TM 120 required, 5 points to learn and 3 to master - Requires Light Pact
Restores a percentage of HP over time, up to 14%+ of it when mastered. It can be useful if you have high HP, but health regeneration is something that depends on timing. Requires 3 Crow cards to master.

Radiant Strike - TM 170 required, 3 points to learn and 3 to master - Requires Arrow of Light level 10 and Mana Storm level 10
An AoE attack centered on you that hits 3 opponents maximum. You probably have enough AoEs than you know what to do with at this point, but this is a skill I personally like, so I’m putting it up here. (Then again, when I used it, I was playing a Priest.) Requires 7 silk threads (dropped by Arachne in Swamp Fields 4-6) to master.

Dark Witches - Must-Have Skills
Again, this is coming from my experience using a Dark Lord. I personally have never played or know anyone that has played a dark witch. Considering dark skills are mainly one-on-one attacks, though, I don’t blame them. They’re a rarity.

Dark Pact - TM 105 required - 0 points to learn
Allows you to learn dark skills. A seal for dark mages.

Dark Barrier - TM 165 required, requires 3 points to learn and 3 to master - Master - Requires Dark Pact and Mana Shield level 10
Increases dark resistance by up to 20% and reflects physical damage by up to 36% when mastered. This is, honest to goodness, the only skill a dark witch absolutely has to have that I can think of. As I’ve gone over many times, magic types are frail, so reflecting (or at least reducing) damage reduced by DP really helps. Requires 10 malachite (drilled in Caballa Relics dungeon) to master.

Dark Witches - Optional Skills

Hellfire - TM 105 required, requires 2 points to learn and 2 to master - Master - Requires Dark Pact
A single-target skill that damages the enemy. I wouldn’t use the skill just yet until you learn the next skill. Requires 2 Chibcha cards to master.

Wicked Flame - TM 110 required, requires 1 point to learn and 2 to master - Master - Requires Hellfire level 10
Turns Hellfire into a damage over time skill, causing up to 46% of Hellfire’s damage for 27 seconds when mastered. If you’re going to learn Hellfire, learn this as well and master both skills. Requires 2 Quiem cards to master.

And that is that! Please be sure to let me know if I messed something up or if you have your own advice. I plan to make another guide in the future, for another class I know well. Thank you for reading!

*You can skip the Monkey T quest in Oops Wharf, as the Quiems are a pain with their Banish circles. I hated that quest. ><
**Only master if you’re going for Soul Master (since the blessing timers depend on your shield’s timer) or you’re going to boss a lot.