Timer's Shuriken Thief Master Guide

Hello there! I’m here to share my experience with playing as a shuriken-based Thief Master to LifeTO. This guide will cover everything from builds to skills to advancements. Let’s get started!

A Word of Warning to Newcomers

Shuriken users, whether you choose to be a fox or lion, will get VERY expensive over time. This is because unlike gunners, shuriken users have multiple throwing items to choose from, which get stronger but also more expensive as time goes on. A few skills you will learn will also use multiple items in one use as well.
Therefore, I would NOT recommend this play style to a player that doesn’t have a stable source of funds. However, if you still want to use this guide, I highly advise selling equipment you may acquire if you don’t need it (namely the old and strong equipment).
This guide is also directed towards thief masters (pure 3rd job fox), so hunter lords and cyber hunters will not get the most out of this guide.

If you understand this warning in its entirety, feel free to read onward.

Builds, Bonus Points, and Compounding

Honestly, there is only one build you should consider: 1144 (1 power, 1 magic, 4 sense, and 4 charm). This is because as a shuriken user, your power will originate from DA and your accuracy will come from LK–both of which are sense stats. If you’re really worried about running out of throwing items, you can consider 2143 to give yourself a little more AP for melee attacks, however this worry will be taken care of very early on. (Plus, refining is a thing, if you choose to put forth the effort.)

As for bonus points, the only one I recommend is dumping all of your points into DA. As you have a 4 in sense, you will gain one point in DA every two levels with this method. I advise adding your bonus points every odd-numbered level (levels ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) so that you get that extra point right then.
Pure LK can be considered as well, but you’ll get two LK buff skills in the game compared to only one for DA. I wouldn’t recommend it personally.

Compounding MP with Nate is highly recommended, with a side of DA and HP. This is because as a shuriken user, you’re essentially playing a magic type with uses you’ll need to refill. The more MP you have, the more skills you can use before having to use a potion–and trust me, the MP requirements for skills can get pretty high, even early on.

1st Job - Archaeologist

So, you’re fresh off the boat and have arrived at Caballa Island, with your large ears and twin tails in tow. What do we do first?

  1. Follow the quest line up to Caballa Relics. You should reach level 11 by the time you’re asked to help Winnie in Blooming Cora, so be sure to switch to the included duckling set in your item bag as soon as possible. Then go for the Desert Hero set (Eliza Bath, Al-Hauri, and Skipper Min), and then save up Poppuri Beans for the Poppuri set. Note that Eliza Bath’s quest is bugged–drill up five farewell letters in Desert Beach field 4 before starting the quest!

  2. Until you get the ability to use throwing items, you’ll only be doing melee. Don’t worry though, it won’t be for long.

  3. The level 15 reward contains a Bubble Drill. I would not recommend equipping it until after you are done with the Desert Sticker quests, as Poppuri Dungeon is where the depth exceeds 20 meters and renders your Basic Drill almost useless.

  4. No matter your level or job, you should be going out of your way to do TM quests. Whether it be dailies (which is highly recommended), Monkey T’s grass quests, Card Girl’s card quests, or whatever you choose, getting ahead on your TM is highly recommended. Try not to have your base level more than 10 levels ahead of your TM due to the requirements for job advancements (but don’t worry, you won’t be penalized if you end up doing that), and don’t be ashamed to do TM quests that won’t even do the slightest dent in your experience–experience is experience either way!

  5. There’s no better time than the present to start saving up galder! Throwing items and skill cards alike will become more and more expensive as you progress, so it’s best to start a saving habit sooner than later. Plus, you can convert any extra galder you have to Myshop points on the site!

  6. Save up 50 and 500 galder coupons. 50 galder coupons will help you get a Driller Boy later in the game, and 500 galder coupons are so numerous early on that you may as well.

  7. Swap your life vest for the duo doctor you receive at level 40, and make sure to equip the sprint you get with it as well.

1st Job Skills

Skill sections like this will be divided into two sections: “must-have” and “optional”. Must-have skills are skills I highly recommend you get, and optional skills are skills I feel like you might want but you don’t have to get. If a skill is to be mastered, I will also list what is required to master it.
Any skill not mentioned in this guide is one you should skip.

Must-Have Skills

Invincible Drill - TM 1 required, 1 point to learn - No leveling (passive skill)
Allows you to keep drilling even when you get hit. Honestly, this should be an obvious one to learn. I highly recommend this skill for ANY sense type.

Sixth Sense - TM 1 required, 2 points to learn and 2 to master - Master
Buffs your DA by up to 45% when mastered. This is essentially your Adrenaline or Mist of Mana–it buffs your attack power. Keep an eye on both your MP and its MP as you level it, though–it eats through it at low levels. Requires 2 Clione cards to master.

Stone Strike - TM 1 required, 1 point to learn and 2 to master - Master
A physical attack that is based off DA. Remember how I said that you shouldn’t make a 2143 build even if you are so concerned about running out of throwing items? This is why. If you have used a power or charm type before, this is essentially Shockwave or Power Blow for sense types. If you run out of throwing items, here’s what you use. Requires 2 Clione cards to master (yes, you will be needing 4 Clione cards).

Heavy Carrier - TM 10 required, 1 point to learn and 2 to master - Master
Boosts your WT by up to an extra 3360 points when mastered. As throwing items will get heavier as you progress, this is a must. Leveling it to level 10 also unlock a future Explorer skill, but I recommend mastering it. Requires 2 Hula Octopus cards to master.

Shuriken Master - TM 15 required, 2 points to learn and 2 to master - Level 10 or Master
Throws a single throwing item at an enemy. This is the start of your primary method of attack. It has a relatively low MP cost as well, only 55 if you choose to master it or 47 if you don’t. I personally chose not to master it, but if you want to for an extra power boost at the cost of 8 more MP, go right ahead. Requires 2 Oran G cards to master.

Armor Destructor - TM 40 required, 2 points to learn - Level 1 - Requires Stone Strike level 10
Lowers an enemy’s physical defense by a certain percent. The only reason this is needed is for the next skill, so keep it at level 1 unless you want a skill I will mention later.

Lucky Seven - TM 50 required, 4 points to learn and 3 to master - Level 7 or higher - Requires Armor Destructor level 1
This does the exact same thing as Sixth Sense, except it boosts LK instead of DA. I recommend using this skill even if you keep it at level 7, as LK helps with an Explorer skill you might want. Requires 2 Guiana cards to master.

Optional Skills

Sticky Foot - TM 20 required, 1 point to learn - Level 10
Reduces your opponent’s HV. This isn’t important and is used for a skill you may want later on as an Explorer. If you want said skill, grab this one first.

Compound Master - TM 70 required, 2 points to learn and 2 to master
Now you may be thinking, “Timer, this skill is useless!” Well, it isn’t if you want good Nate luck. (Apparently the LK stat doesn’t affect compounding?) I didn’t list a level here because I want it to be your choice in the end. Requires 3 Crow cards to master.

2nd job advancement
Requires you to be level 60 and TM 50. Also requires 3 100k galder checks (acquired from the mail when you reach level 60), a Growth Badge, and a Smart Fox Badge.
Both of the badges are acquired from Kaboom, a tough enemy who is found in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4 who will take many hits to defeat. Your best tactics are the following:

  1. Pack MANY throwing items before you set off. You will be needing them. Range is going to be your very best friend here.

  2. Avoid the Naranjo enemies the best you can. Even with your 4 in charm, these suckers can annihilate your small fox. I do not advise fighting them, as they can inflict Guard Break, which makes you unable to dodge or block attacks.

  3. When fighting Kaboom, focus only on him. Going against any other enemies will only hamper your situation, especially since Chimu can summon a Banish circle that will warp you all the way back to Megalopolis! If you accidentally click on another enemy, quickly click elsewhere before you hit it.

  4. Stay on the move! Kaboom can also inflict Guard Break, but he can also use Berserker when his health is low, boosting his attack power greatly. When you are far away, throw an item at it, and start running away from it until it’s not going after you anymore. Rinse and repeat. (If you run out of items, use a Wing of Return to warp somewhere safe–do not rely on Stone Strike.)

  5. The Smart Fox Badge will not always drop! You may have to attack multiple Kaboom before you get the badge. Be patient–you’ll get one.

  6. If worse comes to worse, ask someone for help. Never be afraid to do that, in any situation.

2nd Job - Explorer

Your outfit has been updated, and you have a slick cape to boot! What’s next?

  1. Keep doing the key quests. Yes, we all hate them, and I am certain you will as well. However, you don’t need to do the sticker quests unless you need a TM boost–just focus on the quests that give you items like Caballa Slates, Oops Shells, Mermaid Scales, and the like. Save them up and exchange them for the town sets with Mint.

  2. You’ll be learning a few more skills this time, and they’ll use more TM points. Keep an eye on your TM points from here on. Don’t use one every time you gain a level!

  3. At level 65, you can head back to Poppuri Dungeon’s Rainbow Cave and talk to Curious Poppuri. This starts the Enlightenment quest line, which is how you will get a guardian later in the game. This is required if you want to do gloom farming later in the game (which I recommend since shuriken users don’t have the best AoE, in my opinion).

  4. Once you hit level 80, you’ll get a batch of 15 black and 15 white elixirs. You can do one of two things: use them and Compound Master to get good compounding luck, OR sell them for 500,000 galder each. It’s your decision in the end.

  5. Once you hit level 100, you’ll get 10 GM certificates. Hop over to Megalopolis Shop and talk to GM_Ssi and get GM Grimm’s Pink Vest, then save the other certificates for later on–or sell them for money. They’re more valuable than elixirs, as people usually use them for boss brooms.

  6. Consider hunting down items needed for your 3rd job advancement early. The Sacred Water, for example, can be drilled for in any Black Swamp field. Black Swamp is just outside Azteca, in Caballa Relics. The guardian stone, Peridot, is dropped by Cora Pyupyu in Seabed (Ghost Blue) fields 2 and 3.

  7. Once you reach 90 DA (without needing Sixth Sense), you can consider going for the Driller Boy exchange. Quest 4 is recommended for newcomers.

2nd Job Skills

Must-Have Skills

Precise Pitch - TM 41 required, 2 points to learn and 2 to master - Master - Requires Shuriken Master level 10
Boosts your Throw AP (the power of your throwing items, not to be confused with AP) for a certain amount of time. This is a skill you will be using for the rest of the game. Combine it with Sixth Sense to get a sizeable power boost! Requires 2 Ironclad Turtle cards to master.

Aura of Luck - TM 70 required, 3 points to learn and 3 to master - Level 10 or Master - Requires Lucky Seven level 7
A party version of Lucky Seven that boosts the LK of yourself and nearby party members, but not as much as Lucky Seven. It’s mainly a prerequisite for a Thief Master skill you’ll learn later. Mastering is optional, but if you want to, go for it. Requires 3 Crow cards to master.

Chain of Knives - TM 80 required, 3 points to learn and 4 to master - Master - Requires Precise Pitch level 5
Throws between 2 to 4 throwing items at a single enemy, depending on your skill level (2 at level 1-6, 3 at level 7-10, 4 at master). This is a powerful skill, but will inhale your throwing items (and MP) if you use it too much. Of note is that though it seems like the magic type’s Arrow Rush skill, it only hits once, unlike Arrow Rush. Requires 3 Chele cards to master.

Optional Skills

Landmine - TM 90 required, 3 points to learn - Level 10
This is a very strange skill. It allows you to place a single mine underneath the ground that explodes on any enemy that comes close. Its power is based on both DA and LK. I only bring up this skill as a prerequisite for a Thief Master skill that you might want to use. The 10 second cooldown really holds this skill back.

Sticky Icky - TM 105 required, 4 to learn - Requires Armor Destructor level 10 and Sticky Foot level 10
Here it is, the skill I teased you about in the 1st job section. This is an AoE (area of effect) version of Sticky Foot that lowers not just HV, but also LK and DP. Since I’ve personally never used this skill, I’ll leave it to you to decide what level to stop at.

Pouch of Pain - TM 115 required, 4 to learn and 3 to master - Requires Heavy Carrier level 10
Here’s one of the oddball WT skills. The higher your WT percentage at the top of the screen, the more damage it will do. It’s worth noting that it has a small AoE effect, so you can hit multiple enemies. For best effect, I recommend making sure your percentage is in the 80s before using this skill.

Fan of Knives - TM 135 required, 4 points to learn and 4 to master - Requires Precise Pitch mastered - Uses 2 to 7 throwing items (depending on skill level)
Now, here’s one that may have you scratching your head. Why is the one shuriken AoE move in this version of the game (no Rain of Knives here) in the optional section? Well, it’s because of personal experience. I don’t like this skill, because it always seemed to hit one enemy and only one enemy for me. Plus, the range itself is variable, like Siren Song and Light Wave, except it goes out from your character in a fan shape instead of from behind your struck opponent in a cone shape. Either I was having terrible range luck or I just couldn’t get it down. Either way, if you want to learn it, go right ahead. Requires 4 Cobra Flower cards to master.

3rd Job Advancement

This is an absolute doozy, so get ready for this. Instead of listing items, I’ll list steps in order.

  1. Reach level 130 and TM level 120. You should get your level 130 face accessory and a 3rd job guide in the mail when you hit 130.
  2. Go to the Garden of Skill Master and talk to the Door of Tribulation. It will ask for a Ticket of the Vailant and 3 1 million galder checks. The checks can be bought from Andrew at 1,050,000 galder each, while the ticket is drilled up in Swamp Dungeon. (No Cluricans on this server.)
  3. Turn those checks in and enter. Talk to King Enigmo’s Messenger to start your job advancement quest line. It will ask for Harkon, a Needleless Compass, and a Sealed Guardian. Accept the quest. Are you ready to trek around the world?
  4. Talk to Explorer Reina in Caballa Relics Dungeon 1. Tell her that you decided to become a Thief Master. She will ask for one Peridot (dropped by Cora Pyupyu in Seabed fields) and a Sacred Water (drilled in Black Swamp fields). Grab those and go back to her.
  5. Go back to Megalopolis and make your way through Northwest Forest, up to the Gate of Snow Hill. Talk to Happisto Stallone, who will make you a compass frame if you bring him one brass, one magnetite, one glass piece, and one magic powder. These are dropped from (in order) Brass Knight in Vamp Castle Room 3, Iron Knight in Vamp Castle Room 3, Bone Warrior in Vamp Castle Rooms 4 and 5, and Bone Magician in Vamp Castle Rooms 4 and 5. This is a cycle quest, and it’s a long way back, so be sure to register for the Snow Hill teleport before you leave for Vamp Castle and grab three of each item before you head back to Happisto.
  6. Normally, you would go back to Explorer Reina next, but I have a better idea. Go to Snow Field 2 and into the mine, and complete Blacksmith Marx’s quests to get a Harkon. (You can also do this in Tapasco mine.)
  7. Buy as many throwing items and HP/MP potions as you can. Trust me on this.
  8. Now go back to Reina and start the 16 trials. These require you to hunt the three enemies on the field in five minutes. Each one is a new monster quest, and three of them (Vulcanus Phoenix, Golden Ant, Oddeye Dragon) will give you a flower of revival upon completion. Of note is that the last four can especially be a pain, with the Madam Chiffons being one of a few to have Berserker and the infamous Leviathans being having lots of defense, HP, and annoying buffs. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!
  9. Once you finish that, go back to Reina AGAIN and complete the quest.
  10. Since you already have a Harkon, you can head straight back to the messenger. Talk to it and ta-da! You’re a master of thieves!

3rd Job - Thief Master

Well, you’ve done it! There’s no more job advancing to worry about and some new skills have been unlocked for you. Let’s see what’s left on the list.

  1. Since the Thief Master is a pure 3rd job, skill cards can only be found in Card Girl’s card packs (100,000 galder each, and skill cards have a low chance of appearing) and through certain quests. Don’t worry though, we’ll only concern ourselves with two skills, unless you want to try others.

  2. At levels 135 and 180, you can do the second and third parts of the enlightenment quests. However, you’ll need to complete the first part beforehand, which can be done at 140 at the earliest (unless someone gives you an Arcana Dream Card).

  3. There are some incredibly great level rewards from 140 onward, starting with a stronger permanent sprint and ending with the Great Trickster Ring and Cape at 400. Keep striving for those levels!

  4. Since there aren’t many skills to learn as a Thief Master, there’s no need to prioritize TM as much anymore. However, I hope you’ve been saving those points nonetheless! You’ll still need them.

3rd Job Skills

Must-Have Skills

Hide - TM 130 required, 5 points to learn and 3 to master - Level 5 or higher - Requires Aura of Luck level 10 and Sixth Sense level 10 - Acquired from card pack Feoh
Poof! This skill will hide you from the battlefield for up to 46 seconds when mastered. You’ll be completely invisible to all enemies, unless you attack or use a skill, but note that you’re not protected from AoE skills. Level 5 is the bare minimum for this guide, but you can also level it to 10 for an optional skill. Some skills require you to be in the hidden state as well. Requires 4 Cobra Flower cards to master.

Poison Assault - TM 135 required, 4 points to learn and 3 to master - level 10 or Master - Requires Shuriken Master level 1 and Hide level 5 - Acquired from completing the Poisonous Crafts quest from Explorer Reina (Pyramid Dungeon 3)
Remember good old Shuriken Master, the skill that got you started on this journey? You just made it worse–for your enemies, that is. While you’re hidden (and only when you’re hidden), this skill will have you throw a single throwing item that does damage to your opponent over time. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I thought so too. Though, given its dependence on Hide, it’s no replacement for other skills you have learned. Requires 5 Dancer Isabelle cards to master.

Optional Skills

Explosives Expert - TM 120 required, 4 points to learn and 3 to master - Master - Requires Landmine level 10 - Acquired from card pack Thorn
Remember how I complained about Landmine’s cooldown time? This skill erases that. Though the description may make it sound like you can place more than one landmine, it actually is referring to the fact that the skill’s cooldown decreases as you level it, all the way down to one and a half seconds at master. That’s awesome. Plus, it’s stronger than the original skill! Requires 8 Slithis cards to master (ouch).

Poison Pouch - TM 125 required, 4 points to learn and 3 to master - Requires Pouch of Pain mastered - acquired from the Ancient Liquid quest from Explorer Reina (Pyramid Dungeon 2)
Pouch of Pain trades its AoE effect for becoming a skill that damages a single enemy over time. I can understand this being useful in PvP, but as someone that plays PvE exclusively, this skill is not up my alley. Requires 5 Dancer Isabelle cards to master.

Sudden Attack - TM 150 required, 4 to learn and 3 to master - Requires Hide level 10 - Acquired from card pack Feoh
Surprise! This allows you to pop out of hide status and attack an enemy. Basically a hidden version of Stone Strike with LK and AP (actual AP this time) added into the formula. Not my thing, personally. Requires 6 Slug G cards to master.

And that’s that! The Thief Master class can be quite an interesting change of pace from the usual Trickster character, but it holds the constant challenge of potential galder woes. Nonetheless, if you got this far in the guide, thank you very much for reading! Feel free to reply if anything needs tweaking.



Hello. May I ask whether a pure-LK fox focusing on Landmine and Explosive Expert will be playable? I mean, will I be able to finish her most key quests with the same effort as when I play other characters?
Thank you.

Hey there,

Unfortunately I’ve not played a pure LK fox myself, so I can’t really answer this that well. However, keep in mind that focusing on Landmine means you won’t get your target skill until TM level 90, so from the looks of things, you will likely have to rely on Stone Strike + Sixth Sense until then. I will gladly praise both skills, however, as Landmine ended up helping me through trials and Explosives Expert becomes more and more easily spammable the more you level it. Plus, if you’re making a pure LK fox, you can boost it further with both Lucky Seven and Aura of Luck on hand.

As for it will make it easier, keep Landmine’s 10 second cooldown in mind. Unlike Explosives Expert, that cooldown doesn’t decrease as you level it, so again, you’ll likely be depending on Stone Strike + Sixth Sense a lot while Landmine is cooling down.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. I am appreciative of your advice.

I was worrying that ignoring the entire branch of throwing skills would be impossible, but if Stone Strike is okay to rely on then it is fine by me, since it is also one of the requirements to learn Lucky Seven.

May I ask further for your opinion whether you would keep Stone Strike at 10 or master it?

I used to play a wind sheep and realized that her Wind Blade has a bit less success rate to cast at 10, compared with when it is mastered.

It is more preferrable if I could keep it at 10, but also acceptable if mastering it is a must for it to be reliable until I get Explosive Expert.

Absolutely master Stone Strike. It’s a DA based skill, percentage-based, and has a low MP use. Good to use when Landmine is recharging or if you aren’t in a space to spam pots to get another use of Explosives Expert.